Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Covered In Dust & Nostalgia

Ever remember having a [Nerubian Reinforced Quiver] filled with the finest range of [Iceblade Arrows], just so you could shoot down enemies with your hunter? Wait, you also needed to make sure you had enough Mana! "Where's my ice cold milk?"

It was after this, looking back on an old alt, that my experience turned into something more than a short trip down memory lane...

Now, as many of you know, I created this blog at the same time as my new character, Feignheart. Though, few know, I had already had my fair share of experience within the Warcraft world. Heck, I've played since vanilla. However, I took myself away from the game for around a year just after 'Trial of The Crusader' was released. Until the launch of Cataclysm.

Yea, big deal? Right.

Using the same account (est. 2006) as I always have, memories are buried deep within. Not just some old hunter alt that never made it passed 40.

Who remembers my post a little while back; 'The Last Encounter.. and The New Venture'?. If not, I talk about and link to a rather aged video. That video was of my level 60 twink Warrior (golden power ranger - for the Alliance!!). In fact, that Warrior still exists today.

Private Essexboyben

Ah, if you can excuse the name (seriously - don't ask), then that was the very character I first started. He remained my sole character, my main, throughout every expansion, up until the day I stopped playing.

This is where the story takes a twist.

Not long after I had stopped playing, my friends started to question why I was back online. Right, I'd been hacked. Although I wasn't that bothered, I still didn't like it. So I won my account back, thanks to Blizzards Customer Support.

I still didn't log back in. Not even to see the damage. Little did I know I would be playing again. That was 2010.

So, as you can guess, one year after returning to WoW, and way over two since last doing so, I logged him on.

A sorry sight to say the least. I felt quite giddy. Maybe because I started, after all this time, to worry what state he would be in. (One of the reasons I avoided it until now). He was my pride and soul once. Felt like I was uncovering an underlying and ever existent past, long forgotten. 

It was like a time capsule, frozen in time, just waiting to explode.

After a significant pause from myself, it was clear. Left flying in the skies of Borean Tundra on my old Bronze Drake, all that remained in his bags was left over ores and such, from a round of mining, and a grand total of 0 gold. 'The bare remnants of gold farming hackers'.

Time to get the mail. Now we get nostalgic.

Who remembers [Badges of Justice]? What about [Emblems of Heroism], or even [Emblems of Valor]?! Well, the mailbox kindly reminded me that they were outdated and left it's condolences with a few pieces of gold. Then did the same with a collection of keys. 

Next, the bank. Here it gets sentimental.

Sentimental meaning, this is where I was the most weary. I had some, or at last this one particular set of, items and gear, which I held very close. That of course being my [Field Marshals Battlegear] PVP set, including my baby - [Grand Marshal's Claymore] which carries some real value for me. So, to the bank I went...

..For the moment of truth, from what I can just about remember.. 

Everything was seamlessly untouched! 

So, not just my old battle set, but an assortment of 'stuff' I had forgotten about.

What did an old Level 80 Warrior hold then?

Among item's which no longer exist in game, according to WoWhead, or at least no longer obtainable, we have for example:

Then you work your way through various gears sets. For example [Gladiators Battlegear] from Season 1 arena, to Merciless (season 2) and even [Furious Gladiators Battlegear].

Eventually digging out some PVE sets such as [Valorous Dreadnaught Battlegear].

Remember, there wasn't Void Storage back then!

Decision Time?

With 6+ times the amount of /played that Feignheart has, my current main, I can't just continue to disregard him. Mean, I would have, if it wasn't for discovering that there was something left to salvage (sentimentally).

Being guild-less, having three empty arena teams and seeing an XP bar once again on a character I never thought would see the light of day (logging on), is very abstract. It's like I've jumped in a time machine.

Truth is, I am still a Warrior at heart.

So, what do you all think? Should I kick him back into action, at least as an alt? Would you want to see some rampaging? Or should I just leave him be and put him back as a souvenir and memory.

- Jamin, The Sentimental and Nostalgic.


  1. Ya fire him up and play a bit of Warrior. I have a Priest with T1 gear from doing MC 40 man back in the day. He might not be my main, but my heart always tells me to play him to level cap. Maybe in 2-10 years you will look back at your warrior and say, "Man I'm glad we still hung out from time to time. "

  2. @Scarybooster

    That's one up for bringing back the Warrior!

    Aha, yea, your right :)

  3. Bust him out. Play him for a bit and see how you feel. At least give him a chance and dust him off the shelf for a short while. :)

  4. Your love of that character really shows in your post - I say get him going again!

  5. @LilPeanut

    That's 2 votes now! I'm getting a wee bit excited :)

  6. @Aralosseien

    You can tell? Aha, there's some love there, I assure you :)

    So, that's three votes! Getting slightly anxious now =D

  7. Oh, let him come out and get a look at the new world! Maybe he'll decide he likes it, maybe he won't but let him get his chance!

  8. @TomeOfTheAncient

    Not one bad vote yet! Looks like his destiny is clear :O

    Thanks for reading!

  9. What a blast from the past! At least take him out for a spin once in a while, if just for the nostalgia :)

  10. @RedCow

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Looks like his destiny is inevitable =D

    Thanks for the vote!

  11. I dare say that he is certainly worth at least getting to level cap. After that bit of experience, maybe more nostalgia will hit you and you will even more so regain some of your forgotten affection.

    With so much past and so many good memories, I think he at least deserves that much. :)

    ~ Effy

  12. @Effraeti

    Well, think you just sealed the deal. Time to bring him TO LIFE!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  13. I just did a post on nostalgic moments too!

    Although I've been consistent with playing my alts and keeping them up to date, it's never been easier gearing characters up. I remember rolling my paladin and breezing by quickly to 85- I didn't even get to do the icc 5 mans when she was 80! Sadly so, because I liked these dungeons :P

    Dust off the warrior and rock on!

  14. @Aidrana

    Ah, thanks for sharing your experience. Can't wait to show my Warrior some attention now =D

  15. Warriors RULE! PLAY NOW :)

    I also have an Arcanite Riper on my main :) Long Live Harry Potter, lol

  16. @Logtar

    Aha, that's it. WARRIOR GOGO!

  17. I would have said level him up for the hell of it (but I see you've already decided) :)

    I'm very sentimental when it comes to my hunter who was my first and only L60 back in vanilla. I don't play her a hell of a lot but I'm sure glad I still have her around. I usually level my high alts just for the professions.

    1. Whoh, I just realised this post was from Jan LMAO.
      This is so old news now :P

  18. Well, speaking of the devil, he is just about to hit 85!

    Never-mind the age of the post, some things never grow old. Thanks for stopping by still :)

  19. Jamin,
    For my lack of being unable to find an email for you, I'm just going to post my letter to you here. Mostly I'm just trying to touch base with you to see how you are. It's been a while since you've been around, but I wanted to let you know that you're missed, and that should you ever decide to take back up the keyboard, you'll be welcomed back with warm words (since arms would be creepy and impossible on the Internet). Hope this letter finds you well, and you can get back to me here or via my email if you'd like to speak some more. It's on my contact page.

  20. Damn - lack of being able, not unable. That makes no sense!

  21. Sorry to bug you as I am sure you get messages like this all the time, but I was wondering if you could take a few minutes to watch this Wow video I made showing how to not play the game (comedy). thanks, Sarkoth77. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLiNgXOcqKI&feature=plcp

  22. I can relate to having a favorite character that is not the best but is still like an old friend. Sometimes I will boot up an old game like diablo 1 or 2 and the first thing I do is pick my oldest character to play.

  23. gnome power pew pew


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