Monday, 14 November 2011

The last encounter.. and The New Venture

Still being in the initial 'honeymoon' period of my WoW career, I remember a number of wonders which caught my eye..

I began my journey in 'vanilla', the original version of the game. In which, the first PVP system existed. However it wasn't until level twenty/thirty-ish that I discovered this portion of the game. Heck, I didn't even have a clue about Battlegrounds. The only experience I encountered, that side of the game, was from endless Horde assaults on Sentinel Hill, Westfall.

Into Warsong Gulch I went. Being so long ago, I cannot remember much. Not enough to say whether I spent more time dead, than alive. Although, despite the lack of memory, I do recall one moment. The moment in which I acquired something, very special. Grasping, what was to be, the spark. This was the honourable rank of - Private.

That was just the start.

It wasn't until I was enlightened by what was out there, at end game PVP (level 60), that I really knew what I wanted.

Maydie. Swifty. Laintime. Hulksmash. All names, players, which I looked up to. Another example, which I managed to slip into the introduction to a previous post, is a video, from Pat, demonstrating just what I saw.

As you can see all Warriors, which was the class of my first character, hence the bias. What I gained from these displays of PVP, was.. Pure Domination. I sat in awe as I watched these monstrous players rip countless enemies to shreds. I bare witness to what was possible if I played a Warrior.

That was it, I wanted that!

So off I went, levelling my way up. I was to be disappointed. Little did I know this was soon to come to an end, along with the overhaul of the PVP system. The Burning Crusade was upon us.

Before even having a shot at rising up through the ranks, to the sky's of R14, to the title of 'Grand Marshal'. I didn't even manage to make it to level 60! I think I was around the 50-55 range.

Now what... "What's that you say?".. "Wait, what on earth is that?!" .. "Binky who? Zinky what?"..

I had a plan of action. Even if it wasn't the original method, I'd found a way...


Introducing my glory. My 'Twink'. After months of honor grinding, quite literally, I made it. Still at the entry rank of private, due to the departure of the title system with the expansion, I was fully geared. I'd done all I could to reproduce what was once the pinnacle of level 60 PVP.

* (I'll admit here that I was a mile, or many, from an even match to any real rank 14. Never to disrespect those that did it properly. I just made the most of my unfortunate late coming)

What was next? Well, I did just what every Warrior seemed to do with this equipment at their disposal. PVP Movie!?

Now, it was vital that I didn't open the post with this video. Here is why:

At the time of it's creation/filming, I was.. let's say.. very unfamiliar with the game still. Though, at that moment, I felt like a PVP god. I really felt that I had represented all that was good about the vanilla PVP era. Oh how I was wrong.

After so many years I found myself looking back on this Windows Movie Maker master..* cough*.. creation which I spent, what seemed, forever making. I just don't understand. What was I thinking?! 

If you can bare the introduction, and ending (yes there is one), then I applaud you if you can sit through the rest. I just feel so, confused! When I was making this, in which I was quite a bit younger, I really thought I was doing something remarkable! Now.. Not so much.

So, without further adieu, my production.  In which afterwards, I will go onto explain the whole reason behind this being dug up.. Let the flaming and "WTF noob!" commence..

Why all this nonsense?!

Believe it or not, this was the last time that I have ever focused on PVP. Now, that is something I would like to change. Especially with the next expansion, Mists of Pandaria, heavily focusing on the war between Horde & Alliance.

In fact, I would really like to take it head on.

My current movement is to start a new venture. In which I go full on into the world of PVP. However, with a twist. I would like to take my new goal to a whole different level. That level, is a new media.

Yes, alongside my writings, I would like to start documenting my journey into a new video series. Yes, YouTube, you are in my sights!

What a brilliant time to start. With the current arena season drawing to a close and the new one to begin with the oncoming patch 4.3, I will be jumping on this opportunity.

The idea is to cover my journey into the other side of Warcraft. From my learning experience, to my feelings on the PVP game and everything I encounter throughout. Including commentary.

Like when I first began blogging, I am again starting as a complete amateur.

- Do you like this idea?
- Think you can input something better?
- Have any tips? (From the actual filming/production/editing to the PVP itself)
- Want to get involved?

Share your thoughts!

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- Jamin

(Seriously, did you suffer through the entirety of that atrocity of a 'PVP movie' attempt? Forgive me for my badness!)


  1. but it was cute!!!!

  2. I think its a good idea. Plenty of people seem to find stepping into PvP for the first time rather scary, so the more information out there the better in my opinion. Reading or watching other people's ventures always helps make it seem less off putting and more accessible.

    I enjoyed the video (did skip a chunk in the middle though :( ). The fact that AV chat hasn't changed in x number of years, is quite something. I also miss the days of summoning the Druids/Ice Lord. Now if you blink, the game is over.

    The fact that you weren't running around with 1 or more pocket healers, a common theme in most of the warrior PvP movies I've ever watched was good also (or if you were, they were pretty good at hiding).

  3. Jamin,

    I think this idea is great! I myself have started PvP'ing more, as I have not been raiding.

    Are you planning to start a character from square one? (Because personally, I think some of the lower end BG's are huge fun.) And with my Rogue, I am currently leveling him through strict Dungeons at low ends of the bracket (ie. 60-62) and BG's at the high end of the bracket (ie. 63-64).

    The only tip I can give is: Be Patient! I have come across a lot of PvP'ers who call everyone noobs and so on, and sometimes they can dissuade the fiercest gamers (of which, I am not). And remember, Win Some, Lose Some. I am pretty happy with my current Battlegroup in that respect - I seem to have a fairly balanced win/lose ratio.

    And I would say yes to joining you as I am missing having a PvP partner, however, I believe you are on a Euro server, and I am in the US. :) Not really sure if that works?

    ~ Effy

  4. Jamin,

    As a returning PVPer thanks to the influences of Icedragon from DruidMain on Twitter, and a few other factors, I must say that I am loving the freshness and almost careless atmospher of battlegrounds. I have not gotten my main account wet again mind you, but with the trial account in almost full smurf gear and looking to farm more Heirloom weapons and gear soon, it is a blast.

    I would love to see you cover the starting out beloved Warsong Gluch and work your way through the rest of the battleground encounters. Be that exercise while leveling or at max level. Or you planning on your PVP videos to be more of guides, sharing the new experience, or just a tag along fun-fest?

    Good post! Oh you should mention that all players getting into BGs will visit the Graveyard more times then a pregnant woman going to the bathroom on a car trip. Seriously, thank Elune that we do not take much armor durability damage.

  5. @Mhorgrim

    Heh..cute is usually a compliment of some kind. However, I just don't feel it here :D

    - Jamin

  6. @Erinys

    I'm glad to hear you like the idea, great input!

    Why thank you! I wouldn't be surprised if you skipped 75% of it haha. The chat was worse back then. AV required some tactics back then, now it's just a PVE rush, forget PVP encounters.

    Nope, that is one thing I actually stick by in the making of this film. No Pocket healers :)

    Thanks for taking something positive from the video,

    - Jamin

  7. @Effraeti

    Ah, good to see an audience is there for this idea!

    No, I'm not planning on starting a new character. I see this as a little unnecessary, especially as I've done that already this expansion and want to get stuck in as soon as 4.3 hits (if not before) =D

    Indeed, good advice. If only the rest of the PVP world could understand that.

    Ah, why are so many of my readers US! It's madness I tell you XD

    Thanks for dropping by,

    - Jamin

  8. @Draccus

    So are you no longer playing? As you said your playing on a trial account?!

    This will more than likely take place, initially, on my max level Worgen Hunter. I like the idea of working my way through each battleground, good suggestion!

    I'm planning for my video's the be a mix of everything; A diary, sharing my questions, teachings and learning experience as a whole, while providing some kind of entertainment and guide value along the way.

    "Oh you should mention that all players getting into BGs will visit the Graveyard more times then a pregnant woman going to the bathroom on a car trip" - recorded in history as the best comment so far XD

    Thanks for your input,

    - Jamin

  9. @Jamin

    I am definitely playing still and come January Draccus and my Paladin Kitron are getting busy again. That account just took a short holiday. I got hooked with playing around on a seperate account to see if the Mrs and I wanted to play together.

    He is the only twink I have at the moment in battlegrounds. I even sometimes dream about running around Warsong Gulch. It is a great place once you get the hang of it, and the matches are fun as long as a couple certain Horde guilds from two different servers are steamrolling people on their 24s. I swear there is nothing you can do about a Tauren Paladin running around with 2600 HP one-shoting folk and a pocket healer to boot.

    I am going to also on my main account be taking my Night Elf Hunter to 24, locking his XP, and then twinking. Hunters are my only real challenge at the moment.

    It would be awesome to see you take your 85 Worgen Hunter through each battleground. Are you planning on narrating the action?

    As for you being on a EU server and most of us on US server, if I can get a character solid enough in PVP I am willing to make, move, or try a EU server for Arena perhaps.

    And I highly recommend you getting a Gnome Clone going to join the Army. I am so close to overcoming my height restriction bias and rolling a Arcane Mage to join their short ranks.

  10. @Draccus

    Ah, now I understand!

    I am certainly planning to have a running commentary to go with the videos :)

    That would be interesting indeed! Seems quite a few are running to foreign servers nowadays.

    Also, I think that would be a fantastic. I may just take up the opportunity and join in!

    - Jamin

  11. Doing a video blog sounds like an interesting concept, that I don't think many are doing, or at least mixing well with a traditional blog, I say go for it

  12. @Ceraphus

    Thanks for the backing support!

    - Jamin

  13. It'd be interesting to see how this works out Jamin!

    I'm wondering what kind of content you were planning on blogging about? Your text made it sound like you would be focusing on arena mostly, which I suppose is the most interesting part of PvP to vlog about, but rBGs and such are an option too.

    Concerning tips: if you're going to use video effects (zoom, slow motion are both favorites for PvP movies), do them right and don't overdo them. There's some nice Sony Vegas tutorials on Warcraftmovies.

    I was also wondering what you meant by "getting involved" ?

  14. @Vuuk

    No, I have no intention of sticking to Arena at all. I understand they, of all the activities, can be the most 'boring' to watch. World PVP is a favourite of mine.

    Thank you for the advice, I know exactly what you mean! In fact I'm purchasing Sony Vegas as we speak. Bookmarked some usage guides :)

    Well, I mean in any way. Advice for the actual video production (editing and such) or to the PVP itself, even if you would like to join me in my new venture! I appreciate any input.

    Thanks for the comment,

    - Jamin

  15. Good post Jamin :) A grand adventure awaits you - and we will be watching :)

  16. @Navimie

    Thanks Nav :)

    - Jamin

  17. I enjoy blogs with a dash of PvP! Nice video too! :D

    Also, "WTF, noob?!"


  18. @TenManBear

    Ah thanks for the support XD

    - Jamin

  19. I do like this idea! Although I hate competition, for some reason I love PVPing in BGs and seeing how long I can go before I get killed. Of course, I would never subject anyone to videos of that (unless they wanted to hear my maniacal laughter). A new arena season is a good beginning for your new project. Good luck with all the technical business!

  20. @RedCowRise

    Competition is healthy. At least in moderation XD

    I'll have no problem listening to maniacle laughter, aha!

    Thanks for the thoughts,

    - Jamin

  21. awesome video! I like PvP videos :D I'm really interesting in seeing your new project! ^_^ I used to pvp a lot. But since I got into raiding, I hardly PvP now.

  22. @Mia

    Hmm.. Hopefully they'll be an improvement on the previous one XD

    Yea, raiding does eat up a lot of time!

    Drop by again,

    - Jamin

  23. Oooh, pvp.

    Although I am a raider at heart, I do still pvp quite a bit in BG's and have some experience in Arena. I've never twinked anything (does a toon in full heirloom gear count!?). The idea to twink a toon is interesting but I'm not sure if I'd have the time to dedicate to it due to my busy raiding schedule and running different websites :(

    I do have a background in video editing/production (went to college for that!), so I would be happy to help you with any questions you have and get you started on this since this is what I love to do. I would recommend picking up the full version of Fraps, and then, tweak your graphics settings so that the video isn't as choppy.

    I find putting everything on low settings does wonders when I'm trying to film something. For PvP, people aren't watching your videos to see pretty swirls, right? They're there to watch blood spill! So tweak that down and your videos should come out fairly smooth. I mention this because your old video is quite choppy and that's often the culprit behind that. Rendering videos in different formats can mess things up too. Anyway, like I said.... I can help you out :D

    Just shoot me a pm on BA!

  24. @Aidrana

    Thanks for the comment, I'll hit you up a message on Blog.A!

    - Jamin

  25. As a horde-y when BC came out and the removal of the titles, I remember FREAKING out about how I needed to GET A TITLE to 'fit in' with my guild. It seemed that everyone had a PVP title. So I remember grinding out the honor to get Sergeant on my main at the time (a undead mage) and Scout on my main alt (a tauren druid) who became my main when all my friends started playing.

    I didn't watch the movie as I'm at work but I applaude you for being so brave as to link/put it up. :)

  26. Great post Jamin, My thoughts about PvP is simple, your independent do whatever you want to do! that means you can gear yourself up, level up, kill some critters if you like and of course kill some players in battle arenas and battle grounds as much as you like. I used to PvP a lot with my priest during Burning Crusade it was really fun, especially AV's daily grinding all the points just to geared up, but I never focused on it and still end up raiding as a PvE player. PvP is awesome! and it's always fun to do.

    I think your idea of doing a production in youtube is great! Good Luck on that project! If you need guests to pwned Ill be happy to duel with you haha! (as if I am geared resilience). lolx Anyway, Looking forward to watch your movies! =)

  27. @Reluctant Raider

    Aha, thanks for sharing your experience with the removal of the titles. Grats for getting Sergeant, beats my Private!

    Well, not to worry, the video can be missed. Actually advisably XD

    Thanks for dropping by,

    - Jamin

  28. @Amerence

    Indeed, PVP does give you a lot more leeway. At least to begin with.

    Ah, would be great to have you involved! Always welcome :)

    Thanks for commenting,

    - Jamin

  29. I think it's a great idea & I would watch the You Tube videos. I have no clue at all about PvP but the times I have done Warsong Gulch (while dying every 2 minutes or so!) I have enjoyed & I think once I actually helped with a flag. So it would be good to have something to learn from definitely!

  30. @BraveTank

    Thanks for the support! Always time to learn :)

    Drop by again,

    - Jamin

  31. Wow Jamin, Your blog has had the largest turnout for the BA Blog Circle so far. Great job!

  32. @Gamers Fridge

    ..and it has been great! Really hoping I can pin out a post tonight, had such a busy week disappointingly.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    - Jamin

  33. I always wished I had the knowledge to create wow shortfilms myself, but alas it was too much for me to learn about the frapsing and editing and whatnot at the time. can't always do everything. :)
    I always loved PvP, so combining both and finding a new challenge for you there sounds very promising. I'll be watching this!

  34. @Syl

    Hey, thanks for dropping by.

    Good to have some more support! Stay tuned,

    - Jamin


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