Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cataclysm Journal 28 - The Fire Burns.. Daily!

From the lands of fire, to the mountains above..

The battle continues where we left off. Pushing the invasion into the Firelands, fighting our way further across the fire lords plane, while defending against the counter attacks being simultaneously launched on Mt Hyjal. This, in combination with fierce hostility from members of the Horde, has put us on edge throughout the current stage in our adventure.

The abominations within the enemy ranks
With a selection of 'dailies' now available in the new areas, it was time for me to contribute to the war effort. Revolved around earning as many [Marks of the World Tree] as possible, for those urgent reinforcements, we make our start at the Molten Front. Being the good Samaritans we are, our first task had us rushing to the front line to rescue our troops from being toasted to a crisp. However this soon saw us thrown even further into the field, with the duty of thinning the elemental ranks, including their beastly 'dogs of war' (who of course stood no chance against our own - Sugardaddy). At the same time closing any portals bringing in more enemy soldiers. One challenge, which took some getting used to, was remembering that we cannot fly (leading to numerous trips to the graveyard).

Pushing back the armies of fire
After reaching a point, it was time to head back through the portal and aid the defence of Mt Hyjal. (Which acts as the secondary quest hub). Similar to the battle on the other side, we were sent to hunt incoming enemies from the surrounding area. Though rather than in a means of furthering the invasion, we were defending endless counter attacks in retaliation with Ragnoros hoping to stop us and continue his plans of destruction. Admittedly some of our efforts, alongside killing raging elementals, were seemingly less direct. Not to say unimportant of course. This involved giving the boot, quite literally punting, baby turtles, who had managed to become stuck in a tree, down into the crystal water below. Proceeded by a cartoon-like 'swooping' sound, a rather amusing (combined with guilt.. obviously) quest unfolded - [Punting Season]. We finished the days fight, with aid from a few fellow Mount Hyjal protectors, taking down some of the most elite forces among Ragnoros' forces.

WIN A TRIP ACROSS AZEROTH! 10 Gold a go! Just give this cute and cuddly Turtle across the pond and WIN!

Overall, a quite rigorous day prevailed. That with mobs proving to be tougher than the ones we encountered while leveling, especially when taking on multiple groups at once (which we're slowly improving at), and the rather uneasy feeling of being 'ganked'. In these new grounds, expect some heavy enemy horde activity (PVP). I repeat. There is a high risk that you will be killed. Unsurprisingly by those pesky rogues who like to approach out of thin air, make mince meat of you while you take down numbers of quest mobs. Though, two can play that game. [Camouflage] then... BOOM! Finish with a [Kill Shot]!

Sittin' by tha fire
After purchasing [Matoclaws Band] (Yet another epic), for a bargain I must add, from the Firelands vendor at the Molten Front, it was time to change the pace once again. Well with all the fish we had been hooking-up with lately, having fishing now as our new skill, we really built up an abundance of the stuff. Let it all burn! That's right, we took up cooking! Which quite literally went hand in hand with fishing. Learning to make a campfire we set out to cook every last bloody [Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish] that we possibly could! Getting both professions to around 150, getting achievements has never come so fast! Just in the same way fishing allows us to cast the days troubles away, cooking allows us to feast until we drop! No stopping us now!

Cooking Award

Now, time for a quick step out. Real ID and dungeon grouping is now live?! So, although in testing, this means we can now group up and tackle 5 man instances with any of our (same faction) friends, on any server (to an extent). For more information head over to the Real ID Party Discussion (WoW Forums). However this shall work out, myself and Feignheart will sure be delighted to team up with our long lost adventurers! What's your take on the new feature?!

Before wrapping up, I would just like to introduceWorld of Warcraft blogger who has slipped onto my blogroll with ease! Please welcome Nairu from - Nairu's Journal! To roleplaying and beyond. This is a gem among the many writers out there. Venture into the game through eyes rarely seen.

As always, until next time in our journey...

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- Jamin

Sure looks different from the grave


  1. Very punny today, I must say, and enjoyable (Fish you've been hooking up, indeed). To think I was worried about these slowing down once you finished the zones. Well, sir, you've proven my fears foolishly founded on false facts (the first part of that just sort of happened, but I had to work on the last two words a bit). Anyway, another great post, and I feel like your tone is really starting to show through a lot more. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful screenshots as usual.

  3. @Stubborn

    Ah I'm glad you enjoyed it. Especially if it persuaded you to go along to the Firelands, it's great!

    Also, I feel the same bout being more relaxed and less so so serious in my posts. A lot more enjoyable to write!


    - Jamin

  4. @WorldOfElfi

    Thanks! Always try to capture the moment :)

    - Jamin

  5. Hello Jamin, thanks a hundred times for featuring me. :) This is a great motivation to get to work on those RP-posts I've been delaying!

    To be honest I haven't read the rest of the post and the last one, because I'm trying to avoid spoilers -- I still haven't gotten around to finish the Thrall questchain and start out with the new dailies. Couldn't help but notice some of the brilliant screenshots though, especially the one with the flowery portal in the middle of the firelands is simply gorgeous and ended up being my desktop wallpaper - teasind me to go do those quests. :)

  6. @Nairu

    I've been meaning to get your up there for a while. Your enthusiasm inspires me.

    Ah, I am exactly the same when it comes to spoilers. So I actually only cover the bare minimum in terms of what you come up against at times.

    Why, I'm flattered! I really enjoy getting those shots that 'capture the moment and feeling' like I mentioned in the above comment XD

    - Jamin


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