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Here lies a collection of blogs and other relevant sites, that I have found to be of great interest and use. All of which, I feel, deserve the communities recognition. From around the World of Warcraft universe and beyond!

MMO Melting Pot - Jolly Good Stuff from the MMO blogosphere

- Around The Community -

Döra The Level 1 Explorer
From exploring EVERY zone in the World of Warcraft, to leveling a character from 1-85 without spending a single copper. I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone who likes a good read, from a writer with the will of a lion!
Take a step out of the box with this one. With a continuous flow of in depth topics surrounding the game we love, Stubborn really goes into some untouched subjects. Paired with the author, 'Stubborn', being a teacher, expect a read like no other!

 Postcards From Azeroth 
The concept is simple. Galleries of beautiful screenshots from the Warcraft world, transformed into a postcard. With a caption to give you the full affect that the image holds, there is no reason to not have this one on your list.
A light heartened way to explore various parts of the Warcraft universe.

Orcish Army Knife
Whether you have an interest in lore, speculation, raiding or pretty much any aspect of WoW. 'A little Bit of Everything'  as described by the author Rades, is just what this is. Never expect a half-hearted post.

Mana Obscura
Taking the whole world of MMOs head on. Also co-host of the Obscurecast, Gazimoff, the author, has taken on many directions and is now focusing on the topic of MMO design/development. Expect various posts covering all aspects of gaming to arise. All of which make for an easy, and thought provoking, read.

Scary Worlds
With a writer winding anything you could possibly imagine into the topic of MMOs, this is not one to run amiss. Tying an array of outside influences, not to be confused with your every day blog. Like Marmite, it's got that 'Love-Hate' relationship.

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