Friday, 23 September 2011

Class Feedback and Homogenisation

Seems in the past few weeks, among the frenzied hype on 4.3, that Blizzard have been reaching out to us, the players, for views and opinions. More specifically, our thoughts and feelings on classes. With questions such as, "What makes playing your class more/less fun" and, "How do you feel about your rotation". The second one also goes on to explain the meaning of a 'rotation', everyone's opinion counts right. To see exactly what else Blizzard is trying to find out, here is an example from Blizzard's 'Hunter Class Feedback' post.

Getting right to the point. I have a few concerns about some of the common, and not so common, responses that I've been seeing. Though, this isn't the first time that I held similar thoughts in mind. This feeling has been ever present since I became more accustomed with the game. My concern is - Homogenisation.

In simpler English, this means to "make the same as" and/or "make uniform". In relation to this post, I am speaking of the the Homogenisation of classes.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Darkmoon Island Horror!

What we've been seeing as fun and games...

If you took a liking to my last post, on 'The Secret Watchers of Warcraft', wait until you get a load of this speculation to fill your boots...

Friday, 9 September 2011

Big Brother: Titan Edition

Big Brother and World of Warcraft. They can be in the same sentence..

Have you ever noticed these 'watchers', as I now like to label them? I have always had a subconscious wonder, so to speak, about these statues. Are they just statues? Or could they be monuments. Now, it wasn't until one (insert stormy/misty/dark here) night, that these constructs came into conversation. This particular chat was with Rioriel, from Postcards from Azeroth. After they cropped up, amongst all the important talk on the ancient Murloc Hierarchy and so on, speculation soon took flight.

What could they be? What could they represent? Just what indeed are these mysterious structures. We have a theory.