Sunday, 7 August 2011

Kung Fu Panda goes WoW?!

The secret may be out..

If you haven't already seen, there has been a recent discovery as such in the Warcraft world. A small report from MMO Champion, as featured recently in an article from WoW Insider, has given us a hint of what is to come. The Mists of Pandaria! In the past Blizzard have followed a positive pattern of Trademarking the name of there next expansion shortly before it's announcement. This, for many, is not an exception.

The Pandaren concept
Pandara wha', you say? Pandaria. The long forgotten land. Home to the elusive Pandaren Empire and it's people, the Pandaren. Known as a peaceful race, in a pursuit to avoid violence, they live in simplicity. They are said to have shared a close pact with the Night Elves. That was apparently before The Sundering, when their elven allies drove themselves to the edge with there magical obsessions.

Driven to recluse, the mysteries of the subtle race (Cute and cuddly) has grown into legend. Though, as of late, rumur has it they have secretly settled within the Stonetalon Mountains. With a very small and rare number having appeared so far in recent history, there very existence is unknown. But for how long..

Lets see if this is all true, in line with past traditions, when Blizzard get to announce the next expansion in coming months at Blizzcon?!

For all ages. An example from the costume contest!
Now. Blizzcon! The show of the year, for many. One, I am very sad to say, I can not attend. For those who are unsure of what Blizzcon is; A large exhibition and display of Blizzards three main titles. Which include Starcraft, Diablo and of course our love, Warcraft.

With a variety panels, tournaments, competitions and give-aways, it's got everything and more to fill your Warcraft, and beyond, boots to the brim. Releasing, seat gripping, information on what's to come, especially in the future of WoW (And expansions as we have come to expect), it really is the event of the year for game enthusiasts.

With tickets and availability being so scarce, blizzard responded to the demand - Virtual Ticket! Allowing you to watch from your own home and even allows you to catch up on anything that you miss! Brilliant or what?!

So, will you make you way across to California for Blizzcon 2011? Have you bought a Virtual Ticket? We would all love to what you think! So get in touch and/or leave a comment!

Yet again, I have found another video, which I MUST share. From an upcoming WoW movie which has spent a massive 5 years in the making, I must add, here is the trailer, from which it is soon to be released.

What do you think?! Looking forward to getting stuck into this feature length movie? I sure am!

Until next time, and don't hesitate to answer any of the above questions, or lay down your own thoughts on the subjects!

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- Jamin

A screenshot I took a liking to and decided to toy around with


  1. JamJam! It's not Blizzcon this weekend, it's a European Invitational for Arena and SC2 players to pwn each other for RL Golds. Might be the odd slice of news though (:

  2. @Rioriel


    Dam, thanks for that. Think I got myself in a big coffufle there! Edited accordingly :)

    - Jamin

  3. I am going to try and comment again - it didn't like me before :)

    But this post has pushed my excitement a little more with a hint of pandaren :) I remember it being a massive thing before Cataclysm was could be very cool...

  4. @AzerothianLife

    I'm glad to have sparked your imagination!

    - Jamin


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