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Cataclysm Journal 29: Past the Gates of Ironforge!

We venture out, beyond the comforts of the mountain city...

With the snowflakes resting gently upon Feignhearts fury hide. Having spent quite some time now within the protective boundaries, of Ironforge, it is overdue that we take a moment to see past it's walls. This follows a suggestion from a reader named Nairu from, coincidentally, Nairu's Journal. They suggested that we explore the reaches of Dun Morogh and Ironforge. Though we had already covered Ironforge previously in 'Cataclysm Journal 24!', we hadn't been further than the courtyard. So without further ado, we present:

Dun Morogh

The sky tells the story

As we step through the almighty gates of the Dwarven prowess, we are swept with a spine chilling, yet entirely refreshing, breeze of wind. As though from somewhere far away. Looking down into the valleys of snow, with an abundance of near-perfect shaped trees (quite like Christmas ones),  we descend down the long winding path. Into the wilderness of frost.

Down into the Valleys of Snow

Frozen lakes lie dormant. With an impression, soon to be diminished, that everything is as settled as the snow, many hidden dangers are set in place. A yeti waits for unsuspecting victims to come it's way. Now we may see what was to be, of those lost to the distant winds. Seeing fields of poison, oozing into the fields of white, a desperate battle is fought by the Gnomes of Gnomeragan. Though the once Dwarven Quarry of Gol'Bolar, depicts that more, buried deep beneath, is in store...

Through the Mountains

Entrances or exits shrouded within the tree-line. Where these underground tunnels will direct you, is not always clear. Though the residents, of the snow-bitten land, seem well adjusted to the gentle yet firm climate. Especially those of the Kharanos town, who, among their small settlements, have made many adaptations to cope and live, alongside the variety of Snowlife (wildlife) ...

The creatures of the land

Without a care, they wonder. Treading through the ground, crunch by crunch. Footprints left, some very similar to those of our own (as a Worgen).  Although, the all so pleasant beings within the snow, also make room for those, which are not so nice...

A culture forgotten

Throughout the enemies you encounter, and between the areas uninhibited, nothing could predict; a full scale war. Over the mountaintops, going unnoticed by many, a raging battle is being waged. For it is a sight in itself...

The Airfield

Despite any of this, the music, which sets up each particular area, is generally slow and, in a way, thoughtful. As though it wants you, with the push of the wind, to look at yourself and take a breath. Not depressing that is, just settled, like the snow beneath our your feet.

WAIT.. Slay Ride?!
(Courtesy of World of Elfi)

But hold on.. How can we forget the golden nugget of this whole zone! Saying that, it wasn't until Elfi, of World of Elfi (Convincing name again right?), alerted us to a hidden beauty that can be found. Seems that there is a bunch of crazy Dwarves, living the high life by sledding there way down the slopes of Dun Morogh. For more on this 'report' head over to - Discovery of Sledging Dwarves.

Now, with that, it's once again time to depart. However before you go. I will repeat, that this post was inspired by one of our very readers. So if you have any suggestions, ideas or even requests that you would like to see, DO NOT HESITATE TO GET IN TOUCH!

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- Jamin

The Warmth of Fire


  1. Hehe - great description of one of my favorite zones. I will def have to check out the sledging dwarves. Dun Morogh and Ironforge are my favorites because my first ever characters started there, so they bring back so many happy memories. In case you haven't seen it, here is one of my favourite machinima's:

    Xmas time in Dun Morogh. I started playing at Xmas time, so this vid is the bees knees for nostalgia :)

    It was made in 2007, but I love it, and I managed to find you the HD version!

  2. Great post! You always take such great screenshots. And thank you so much for including me and linking to my post. You are awesome!

  3. @Dora

    Glad to have evoked some me memories! I shall take a look at the video, thanks XD

    - Jamin

  4. @WorldofElfi

    Thanks for the kind words!

    - Jamin


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