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Cataclysm Journal 17!

Finally.. It's here..


However, before we set off. I would like to announce the new name of my trustee companion. Introducing SugarDaddy, previously know as 'dog' up until now. The name, which may seem quite unfitting for some, was an inside joke within TG. Initiating the name change required me to pick up a Certificate of Ownership from the Auction House for around 50 gold, which deemed simple enough. Now you may be wondering, 'why so much attention around your pet?'. Well like I have mentioned before, dog.. or should I say SugarDaddy, has been my loyal companion since day one. Even though I can swap him at any time, I've grown to have a sentimental value around him. Not to mention that he has been through all the same adventures that Feighnheart has, and being Beast Mastery of course revolves around your pet. So that I feel is enough to justify giving him some of the spotlight.

Wrymrest Temple
Anyway. Feignheart's Adventure, alongside SugarDaddy, now leads them to the Land of the Dragons. Dragonblight. This vastly covered snow terrain, resonating a very 'arcane' power feeling which is only bolstered by the magical creatures and mythical, yet fully present, dragons which inhibit it, is not one to be overlooked. Another aspect which completely sets the scene, is that of the music. The soothing, yet occasionally intense, piano playing really embarks you into a sense of adventure and emotion. Altogether, I was really sucked into the zone, it's story and everything it and the environment had to offer. Narnia especially comes to mind. This zone also features the raid instance, Naxxramus.

The Tuskarr
The people and creatures of the blight. Along my adventure through this expansive area, I encountered many new and reappearing factions. Firstly there are the Tuskarr, of whom struck me as a very inquisitive race and faction. They seem to share very similar traits, such as a wish for peace and tranquillity, as the Tauren. Locked in a war with the Wolvar, I feel their race holds room for much expansion. Across the land exists other factions, such as the arachnid Nerubians, the mighty Argent Crusade and the merciless Scarlet Onslaught. However, much of the focus is based around the 'Dragonflights'..

Ruby Dragonshrine
The Dragonflights, hence 'land of the dragons', are a combination of five main different sub-factions of dragons. These are each obvious by their colours. There are the Red, Bronze and Green Dragonflights to begin with. Then there is the Blue Dragonflight, which we encountered previously in the Borean Tundra, who have now gone bad with their leader Malygos turned insane. Last but not least there is the Black Dragonflight, who are the dark and seemingly untrustworthy allies in the Flights. More convincingly when you think that Deathwing himself is part of the same sub-faction. They base their operations in the Wymrest Temple (pictured above), in the centre of the Blight, which is heavily guarded. This is where each of the flight leaders congregate. To note, each leader has their human forms and each flight has its own shrine within the zone. You eventually find yourself meeting the leader of the red Dragonflight, who also happens to be Queen of the Dragonflights, Alexstrasa. Along your journey, you also find that the scourge are trying to resurrect a mighty dragon, who is by far the biggest to have ever existed, who went by the name of Galakrond. By looking at parts of the skeleton, you can only imagine the sheer size him.

Future you
Moving on. A word of warning, especially in this zone. Watch out for flying mobs, including elite ones! I found this out the hard way when I flew into the zone while reading the quest log and ended up being dazed/dismounted and falling to my eventual death. So look out. Anyway, something which caught my attention was the number of group quests in the zone. Although I can normally solo the majority of them, some of these really did require assistance. Not to mention one, The Plume of Alystros, which after completing I still ended up repeating as others in zone required assistance. I like to do my bit to help you see. Another quest which was really cool, was when you assist the Bronze Dragonflight, and find yourself fighting alongside the future you. After the quest you get told by this future version of yourself to 'go get some better gear', which I seemingly found hilarious! Then there was a heroic quest which gets your flying an alliance gryphon into battle to rescue villagers, while saying 'Come with me if you want to live'. Doesn't get any better than that.

Looking down...
Falling down...
And down...

Now, onto Dungeons. First off, Azjol Nerub. Short and sweet. However, as you can see above, includes a unique form of travel. Which is a lengthy hole to fall down into a pit of water. Then, Old Kingdom. What I found really fascinating about this one, was the last boss. He drives you insane, literally. You find yourself turned onto your allies, of whom you have to kill in an alternate reality, before being thrown back onto the boss. Totally unexpected, but what a great mechanic!

Back to quests. However, a line that which was best saved until last. The zone includes a constantly unwinding quest line, which is ongoing as you venture throughout. The quests lead you along the main story/plot of the expansion. At one point you find yourself situated in Frostmourne cave where Arthas first discovers the almighty, but cursed, sword. (As to avoid spoilers) this never ending story, which is just so compelling, leads you all the way to Angrathar, better know as The Wrath Gate. Nothing can describe this absolutely unmissable mini-section. With its AMAZING use of phasing, as you will see in the following pictures, and truly EPIC cinematic, you get sucked right into the game and all its glory.

.. After!
Before the chaos...

Feignheart, alongside his faithful consort, have now battled their way through the blight and all its mysteries, and it is now time to move on in the quest for adventure. Briefly making a quick stop in the city of Dalaran, they plan to set off to either Grizzly Hills OR Zul Drak. Which one? YOU DECIDE. Level 75, and unknowing where the road will take them, we depart.

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- Jamin
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  1. How do you feel the game we all love fits into your real life. I want to hear what you think!

    Hmm...first and foremost, I enjoyed your posting and hope to see alot more. Your take on Azeroth is always entertaining. As to the above, I am far more a casual gamer. My RL is very busy so during the week I only have 1-2 hours a night to do things. On the weekends when I am not working, I tend to pour a significant amount of time towards gaming.

    Interestingly enough though, I tend to do alot of reading on my breaks/lunchtime concerning WoW. This allows me a little research time as well as working the auction houses and writing/reflecting about WoW.

  2. @Mhorgrim

    Thanks for the response! Did you head over to my post over at TimeWastedTuesday?

    Great to hear another fellow gamers perspective. I also spend intervals reading/writing and researching! Your not alone there XD

    - Jamin

  3. Great read as always Jamin! :) The Wrathgate is truly an epic moment in game - especially if its your first time doing it. Takes you by surprise and its awesome!

    You asked where to go next. Up to you obviously - but I've always loved the Grizzly Hills - that fiddle music is just the best. :)

    Had some sad news. My dad passed away yesterday so I probably won't be blogging for a week or two. I am ok - just a little shell shocked as it came out of the blue, but I am relieved now that he is no longer in pain and suffering. Your blog really cheered me up this morning, so thank you.

  4. @Dora

    Yes, epic is the only word to describe the whole atmosphere!

    Well I chose Zul'Drak in the end, as the quests were higher levelled. Just leaves somewhere to re-visit in the future XD

    Also. I'm sorry to hear your news, but glad that you can see the light from the situations. Chuffed that you can take a form of escape from my writing.

    Chin up!

    - Jamin

  5. It is really wonderful to read how you enjoy the Wrath content. So many people grew bored of it and can't see it anymore... But I'm amongst those who never will, because I adore the feeling of the zones. Well, except Icecrown. I simply cannot stand the color scheme, and the music annoys me. But you won't want to go there, anyways, because it's full of group quests, and you can choose to do the much prettier Storm Peaks instead. :)

    Regarding your pet, I'm not sure what to make out of this name xD, but I sure feel the same about my companions. Yangli has had a white cat, Yashyr, for years. When patch 3.0 hit, the original cat I had tamed was changed to sport black stripes, and my Yashi changed with her. I didn't like his new look at all, but I just couldn't tame a 'new' Yashyr! It took me two years until I finally found the heart to do it, but to be honest I'm much happier now he's back to his old look. ;) (Had my ghost wolf out during most of Wrath, anyways.)

    And I feel I have to make a slight correction about the dragons. First, there is more than five flights. I don't tell you to be nitpicky, but I think you might be interested. :) Beyond the 'regular' flights there's also the Infinite Dragonflight, that's the one jumping through time and trying to alter events (CoT instances), and nobody knows where they are coming from. It is however possible that Nozdormu created them, as you see him in the end of that quest where you assist yourself; the whole purpose of it was to show you the leader of the Infinites, and it shows you Nozdormu! But Chromie just goes 'Ah, uhm, I wonder what that means'. Very interesting stuff. :)
    Furthermore there is the Twilight Dragonflight, the Netherwing and the Chromatic Dragonflight, but all of those evolved from the primary five flights.

    The other thing I felt like pointing out (oh my, so much text, I'm sorry!) is that Malygos is not technically insane. He -was- after the whole Demon Soul affair, but at the time you land in Northrend, he's not. That's what they tell you; but actually he has just made up his mind and decided to take away all magic from mortals, which, if you look at it without a bias, seems pretty reasonable. After all the mortal races repeatedly blew up the world and/or lured demons from the twisting nether to Azeroth by toying too much with the arcane.

    All right, this is already a wall of text, but I am still going to answer your question. ;)

    For me, the game fits quite well into real life. I see it as a hobby like any other, a pretty time-consuming one, but still a hobby. I don't refrain from bringing the topic up even with non-gamers when it fits into the discussion. I have many RL friends who play the game, and others I met over the game and now see in RL regularly. It's only a guilty pleasure for me at those times where I'm playing and -know- I really -should- be doing something else. But more often than not the guilt kills off the fun for me and I just shut down the PC. Towards others, I'm open about it. I might sometimes play down the time or thought I spend on it, but that's usually just with people I just don't want to have a discussion about supposed 'addiction' and stuff with. But usually I just go about gaming like the most normal thing to do, and people stop bugging me about it. :)

    Sorry again for so much text. :3

  6. @Nairu

    Thank you for taking the time to comment! That's exactly what I want from my readers, I appreciate your time greatly!

    Since writing this I have done some research in/out of game and have discovered the infinites', of which I came across in my questing, and got to say I didn't realise how much Dragons are involved in the Warcraft history and lore!

    Keep them coming!

    .. and thanks again!

    - Jamin


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