Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thanksgiving for the Gnome Clone?

Short update (pardon the pun, keep reading).

With a very special holiday just around the corner, at least for our friends in the US, Amerence, a fellow moderator of Blog Azeroth, has cleverly put together a community event. Alongside this, there has been ongoing activity and reports of mischievous happenings on within the Warcraft world. One of which is the invasion of the 'Gnome Clones'. 

Firstly, the event put together by Amerence. 

Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation to the Warcraft community? More specifically give a shout out and thank your fellow Bloggers, Podcasters and media producers (of any kind) or simply those who make it all worth while.

Well here's your chance!

Between now and the closing date on the 26th (which is only a few days away now), you can make yourself heard. Simply create a post, or any format you feel appropriate, to show your love and support for the community.

What makes it even better? Competition! With a handful of Judges from around the sphere, prizes will be awarded to the winning entries. So what are you waiting for, get involved!

The direct source for the whole extravaganza can be found on the following:

Moving on in other pressing matters we have an uprising of, what appears to be, a large massing off Gnomes. To be precise, Gnome Clones of

Tired of being mocked and used as bait, dice, balls, rackets, bats and frying pans, this angry mob have taken it upon themselves to bring a halt to their progression at the sweet level of 24. Resorting to wreck havoc inside the underworld of Battlegrounds and PVP!

With a strict ban on any member discussing their affiliation with the outside world, in swearing allegiance,  they show themselves as ONE. All identical, in looks and clothing. None can be told apart.

For more information as this epidemic unfolds, hop over to:

On a serious note before signing off.

I will hopefully get my entry into the 2011 Thanksgiving event before the closing date! Also, watch out, the Gnome Clone fiasco my just spread to Shattered Beginnings...

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- Jamin


  1. Actually, going by the screenshots on Punt This!, the whole 'all dress alike' etc. bit should be taken with a large truckload of salt.

    It's all about stomping Starter account players (max. lvl 20, loads of restrictions) with P2P premade 24's, please don't try to insult people's intelligence by pretending it's not.

  2. @Mr.Anonymous

    Seems your argument is flawed, severely.

    I think you should take a step away from the computer, have a chill pill and really consider your statement.

    Nobody is insulting your intelligence. You are.

  3. Oh, we definitely intend to destroy the little F2P twinks out there, just as we intend to destroy the P2P twinks as well. If you don't want to face opponents that are higher level and better geared, then go roll on a server where you can do wargames with a F2P-friendly guild.

    However, that's not the primary focus of the Gnome Clones. We definitely did it to twink PvP, and we're definitely targeting the 20-24 bracket, but if our sole purpose was to destroy destroy you we wouldn't have restricted ourselves to sub-optimal gear and only three classes, all of which are cloth wearers.

    Jamin, you'll find his kind all over the pvp forums crying about the unfair advantages of F2P vs P2P, like those who aren't playing the game should be entitled to something special. Pay them no mind.

  4. Mr. Anonymous,

    I really don't think they have a dastardly, sinister plot afoot.

    While I'm sure the Lillis play to win I'm also pretty sure the guild is about having fun with friends. A Lilli invited me to join and that would have given them a monumental handicap as I can't PVP my way out of a paper bag.

    Just having fun dude, peace.

  5. @Psynister & TomeOfTheAncient

    Well said you two.

    "The Starter Edition trial was simply not designed to be Free to play, Defur. With it's limitations, the starter edition is meant to give new players the ability to explore the game before purchasing it. As you well know, there is a lot of content in the game and in many cases, the number of trial days just wasn't enough.

    I've seen several threads where players have suggested that we place the same type of starter edition restrictions on a frozen account, but again, the system is not designed this way.

    If you wish to provide your own ideas as to how we can improve our services to those with a frozen account, by all means, share them with us."


    Enjoy your stay, thanks for dropping by :)

    - Jamin

  6. I think this is a great event, and just shows what an awesome place the WoW blogging community really is. :)

    Regarding the gnome clones, they're so much fun! We're trying to get it going on the EU side as well, but there's never more than a handful of us online at the same time, and the guild is nowhere near as full as the US one *lol*

  7. @Saga

    Ah, I hope to join the ranks very soon! So hopefully we can build up the recruitment efforts =D

    - Jamin


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