Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blizzcon Replenished The 'Geek' In Me!

This past week, since my post-Blizzcon round up, has been, how would you say, compelling. It has been filled with excitement. There are a number of reasons and factors responsible for this. However, I have been going on a high. In the wise words, from the man himself,

"My inner-geek, has been refilled and revitalised" - Chris Metzen, Blizzcon 2011.

The world has come to life. At least for the WoW community, or even the gaming one as a whole. Saying that this week has seen some love, for many of our interests, is an understatement. One could say, I could say, it has literally caught fire.

Beforehand, let's take it back a week or two.

For some, or many, including myself, the world seemed a little grey. Whether you had the WoW Blues, or simply found yourself pondering about the future in a particular game. Whatever your reason, even if it wasn't game related, we needed something. A boost.

Then come the weekend, just gone by, that we had been eagerly waiting for. Our 'last hope', to shine some light on this dim time. That weekend, was Blizzcon 2011.

In those two days, something truly amazing happened.

Let's start with the first set of uprisings I noticed, during the event. To begin, just watching from a Virtual Ticket and lurking around the community on various sites, I could feel such energy. A vibe. One which could initially be seen as anxiety, which I'm sure was present, but later, turned into roars of exhilaration.

There was a lot to take in and a lot to be excited about. Yes there was the announcement for 'World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandoria". Although, there was more.

Believe it or not, Blizzard actually produce two more games franchises. Two, of which, are very successful on their own. These of course, being Starcraft and Diablo, received their fair share of, much anticipated, news.

This panned out, alongside further teasers such a Blizzard: DOTA, to be a rather triumphant weekend. At least for the producers and, a large chunk of, the player-base.

Now, like everything, there are the 'haters'. Those you can never please. Yes there are some who, really do, feel that news about 'their game', is bad. In turn, taking on the complete opposite result that they had been hoping for. Or maybe, they were just looking for any reason to allow them to move on. Respectfully, everyone to their own.

However, I feel that Blizzard have succeeded in winning back my faith.

So, awaking from my slumber after the full-on weekend, I noticed a number of, changes. Checking out my RSS blog/site reader, I was hit. Never have I seen, so many, unread posts on a Monday morning! Not knowing where to start, I hoped onto Twitter and in turn a selection of community forums. This is when it really, really, kicked in.

The whole universe, or at least for those in this one, was buzzing. With voices, from all around the community, there was something to say. Whether it good or bad, though remaining generally positive, everyone seemed to be involved.

From that moment on I have literally, along with many of us, been overwhelmed with such, such.. Community.

Suddenly my motivation, my drive, was back. Back doing the things I loved. Jumping into the theory-crafting and number crunching, for my hunter, which I persuaded myself never to do again. Levelling up those professions. Taking the fight, once again, to Troll-Heroics. Heck, I'm doing dailies!

How about you. Are you thrilled, or not so, about the Blizzcon announcements? Have you placed your trust in Blizzard, to deliver? Has your motivation to stick around, in Azeroth and beyond, returned, or has it perished? Share your view, as a community.

Now it hasn't just been the Warcraft, and surrounding Blizzard games, community that has created a storm. No. This week saw the release of, the hit sequel, Battlefield 3.

What can I say. Mind-blowing. Fantastic. "Like being at the movies". This has got to be one of THE best FPS games to date, which is backed up by it's numerous awards. Mean, the level of immersion it allows you to feel is unreal.

Just in time for my new computer! Of which has plopped the 'cherry on top', for my week. I'll soon be forming a 'build thread/post', as suggested and asked for.

Though, for now, I am completely in a daze. Overthrown by what I have seen come about, in such a short space of time...

...I have been officially: GEEKED-OUT!

What about you? Make sure to leave your thoughts

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- Jamin


  1. Great post. I am glad to hear that all the events of the past week have sent a burst of energy, enjoyment, and excitement back into the gaming world for you and so many. With all the news there is definitely a lot of changes coming, but ones we are all preparing for.

    Thanks for the post-geek-out report. The new computer is beautiful and will have to follow along on that build it post.

    Welcome back from the overjoy coma.

  2. @Draccus

    Thanks for dropping by, good to back on board :)

    - Jamin

  3. I really wish I went this year's Blizzcon it seems to be a lot of fun. I always admire those players who put effort of making there costumes and all. I haven't really been to one yet hopefully next year? well see, Great post Jamin! Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. @Amerence

    Me too! The whole atmosphere of it seems brilliant. I'm hoping to go next year to :)

    Thanks for dropping by,

    - Jmain


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