Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blizzcon: The Recovery

Just look into those eyes
Keeping it short and sweet.

What a weekend it has been, for many of us. At least for me, I am exhausted. Combined with the sleep deprivation and hangovers, at least for those that attended the many Blizzcon meet-ups in local bars/hotels.

What's that you say? "You didn't even attend Blizzcon!". Well, you would be right, I didn't 'attend' in person. However, having a virtual ticket, covering the whole event live across the full two days, amounting to about 22 hours, is nearly there right?

Though to say that this wasn't enjoyable for myself, and the team, would be way off. It was a blast.

Teamed up with the fantastic folk over at the Twisted Nether Network, alongside celebrities from all over the blogosphere. To mention a few:
I can't describe the hard work, that the team, put into providing as much coverage as physically possible. Across all the multiple panels and Blizzard titles. Including every single piece of WoW related information and general talk imaginable, alongside a good chunk of the Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 stages.

When I say "physically possible', I mean quite literally. We were non-stop typing the whole event, like a running transcript, as it happened. All of which has been saved, for anyone who would like to go over what they may have missed. Those can be found at these two locations:

I will say now, for various reasons, I will not be listing all the announcements and information that has been released over the past two days, in this post. As I can already see an abundance of it already on the net. So I'm not going to add to that, without introducing anything new.

MMO Melting Pot - has a vast amount of information compiled, jump over there for the latest.

Though shortly, I hope to provide a look at specific features and give a different outlook on them. However, until then, I need to 'recover' after such a long, no matter how exciting, weekend. If anything I am overwhelmed by the amount that has been thrown out, as I am sure many of you are. That being said, I would LOVE for you all to leave your post-Blizzcon thoughts and reactions. It's your view that counts!

Before I sign out for a small break, I would again like to give thanks. Thank you to the Twisted Nether and all the Live Blogging Team, and most off all YOU, the readers that tuned in, for allowing me such a fabulous opportunity.

I can't describe how much of a pleasure it was to be involved and a part of it all. It has been, an experience. Thank you.

Oh, and what about the new.. "Snake Guy"...

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- Jamin

Now isn't this a fiery little guy!


  1. Thanks to everyone for doing it. I stayed around reading it all day as I played. Kept coming back to check in and read some.

    I can imagine it was a bit hard to keep up with all the talk going on.

    Thanks again.

  2. @TheGrumpElf

    Your welcome! Glad you found it helpful :)

    It was challenging, but very fun at the same time,


    - Jamin

  3. Sounds like you guys had a blast doing it. I think I'm all Blizzcon'd out. Great reads and coverage.

  4. Navimie

    We sure did!

    Yea, me to. Nearly back to normal now. Then a new post should be up :)

    - Jamin


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