Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Ride to Escape!

It's going to be a rollercoaster ride to escape..

First up. $30 Million (USD). What do you do. How about a theme park. More specifically how about one with a whole section dedicated to World of Warcraft! Though named Terrain of Magic, which I shall cover, there is no denying any resemblances.

So, if you hadn't seen already, China have recently launched their latest creation - World Joyland.

World Joyland will gather the world’s best contents of digital culture, combine the newest digital entertainment and interactive technologies, partially realize anime-and-game virtual sceneries, innovate anime and game communication and display methods, interpret the core value of digital culture, archive education during entertainment.

In one, I see them trying to bring together popular digital media culture with high rise technology in a level we can all relate and/or enjoy.

Arthas has his own ride!
With a total of seven sections, all based around some of the most popular video games and such, the entirety of the layout is huge! With the two biggest sections, of course, being World of Warcraft and Starcraft, two of Blizzards biggest titles, whichever way they have been so named.

Now. The grey spot. Although this is unlikely to affect the main public, there has been quite an uproar among some, for obvious reasons, around copyright and so on. Though not from Blizzard it surprisingly seems. Due to each of the parks sections being a complete take on particular games, such as WoW, but having the names slightly altered i.e; Terrains of Magic (For WoW), the Chinese Government have allowed this 'infringement', as seen by some, to take place. Though however you look at it I am sure, if anything, that Blizzard will make potential gain out of this in the end anyway. Hopefully promoting the game, you could say, in any way to increase it's player base even more!

For more information and a complete gallery head over to - World of Warcraft Theme Park

Now. What are your thoughts? Would you go? What rides and attractions would you like to see?

Right, with a change in pace, I would like everyone to pause for a second to take a look at the following video.

Unlimited Escapism Vol. 5 - by BaronSoosdon

Is this brilliant or what? Just took me away for the duration. Look forward to doing something like that in the future.

Wrapping things up. Don't forget to comment with your own thoughts on World Joyland and even leave your opinion on the above video! I look forward to seeing your responses!

Also, it is time for things to get lively around here! (Nothing to be Paranoid about of course)..

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- Jamin

Really is the Fall of Arthas!


  1. That video is just Awesome Jamin - thanks for posting it. As far as the theme park goes - I think its a great idea & will probably be really successful, but being in China - I will never see it. :(

  2. @Dora

    Glad you enjoyed it, because I certainly did!

    Yes it is a shame, hopefully someday I shall venture over there. What other country would pull it off though!

    - Jamin

  3. I'm actually a little bit surprised Blizzard hasn't made a theme park yet. I would totally go there many times.

  4. @Corath

    Your not the only one! Hopefully I can go in the future (would make an interesting post ay!)

    - Jamin

  5. Perhaps I am too cynical but wasn't China (as well as Korea) having massive issues with WoW icons and ingame imagery etc and it was not released at the same time as the rest of the world etc....

    Don't get me wrong - I think it is awesome - but just a tad funny that there is profit enough in a WoW/Scraft park in a country that wasn't allowed to even have the game sold :D


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