Friday, 12 August 2011

Becoming Paranoid in the Emerald Dream

What could be the meaning to this...

A Paranoid feeling sets in. Feignheart and myself, after many ventures alone together, have taken a valuable opportunity to broaden our horizons. Opportunities, to attack our horizons. This follows a contact from a place called the Emerald Dream (EU). A contact who goes by the name of Döra. Döra the level 1 explorer. You may have heard of Döra from many of their aspiring, ever changing and unique challenges. Anyway, after some serious thought, we decided to pack up and move over to the Dream to join with Döra and a brave band of adventurers. A mighty guild by the name of - Paranoid.

Feignheart Gets Green Battle Tank?!
With this being the first real guild that we had been in, since the start of the Cataclysm, we were very curious as what to expect. All we can say is, we felt right at home from the very first 'Welcome'. We were greeted with such a warm and friendly atmosphere. Being just a level 4 guild at the time, which many see as a downside, just added to this effect. The feeling that we could be a part of leveling and contributing to the future of the guild, appealed in such a way to us. Everything we could desire from a this seemingly tight knit community. Of course it didn't take long for us to raise our first (paw) and jump into the fight alongside our new Brothers (and sisters of course). Can Worgens clench their paw?!

First up. Ahn'Qiraj. More specifically - The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Although considered, and evidently, 'old skool vanilla content', this is an area of the game we had always wished to explore and tackle. So, with the chance to take this on next to our new allies; into the sands of mystery we went. If only we could have been there at it's release (above video). Our first impressions of the area; a darker side of Uldum. With the Egyptian gods raining in and relics of the past scattered about, a very tense feeling was created. Alongside the whispering and tainted voices, the scarabs and traps, a scene of slight horror was created. Just waiting for someone, or something to jump up on you. 'The Mummy' comes to mind. Here are some of the few images I captured within:

Upon the completion of the Temple, there were a few points and items of interest. Firstly, we could see how particular bosses would have proved to be a huge challenge to vanilla players. Especially the twins and the EYEBALL OF DOOM (C'Thun). Secondly, we managed to grab our hands on a - [Green Qiraji Battle Tank] - which is very high on the epic/cool factor for us!

Paranoid Guild Photo: After the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Next. Molten Core. As is obvious, we found ourselves aiming to complete the guild achievement [Classic Raider]. This entailed us heading to the Mountains of Blackrock to take on the original Ragnoros. (Somehow he managed to grow a pair of legs on his return). We must say, an atmosphere of sheer power lingers in the air of the volcanic reaches within. Though, lets take a look for ourselves:

Although we gained nothing physical, as such, from the raid, the experience was all worth the while. Even though it conflicts with present times (Ragnoros and all), a look at the past leaves us with a feeling of 'what was'. We look forward to taking the challenge to the fire lord once again, but for this expansion, in the near future.

Paranoid Guild Photo: After Molten Core

Now. What has this meant for Feignheart and myself. It has given us a huge insight into the older content which still lies dormant within the world of Azeroth. More than anything though, it has really opened our eyes to what it's like to fight alongside a mighty group of adventurers. We really feel so taken by how great it feels to become part of a bigger picture. I can truly say this is a guild I wish to stay.

Now for some of the first achievements we are proud to say; we gained together:

Having settled in very nicely, if we do say so ourselves, it's time to wrap it up. Though one last question: who else plays on the Emerald Dream (EU) Server?!

Until next time - And in the Path of The Paranoid

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- Jamin



  1. Glad you are enjoying the guild Feignheart. Great post and I love the screenies. Am looking forward to getting myself a bit higher level, so I can have a go at some of these raids too. They look fun. Love the EYEBALL OF DOOM description - very apt! :D

  2. Glad to hear you found a good guild. Nice shots!

  3. I loved reading this, it's genuinely heart-warming and refreshing to read about someone discovering all this for the first time and being genuinely excited about content and adventures long-forgotten to many of us.

    It's never the destination, it's all about the journey - and you're on one hell of one!

  4. @Dora

    My privilege completely!

    Look forward to having you up there with us also. They were a blast!

    Well, can't leave out the EYEBALL OF DOOOOOOOM?!

    - Jamin

  5. @WorldOfElfi

    Thanks, and for stopping by, Elf!

  6. @Rioriel

    Ah, thank you for those words Rio. Really tried to express how I felt XD

    " It's never the destination, it's all about the journey - and you're on one hell of one! " -- Rioriel the Wise

    - Jamin


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