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Cataclysm Journal 25!

The fire spreads..

Still overwhelmed with things to do, places to see and enemies to kill. Feignheart and myself come across our, possibly, long lost relation. While pondering the sights of Stormwind we came across another fellow Worgen Hunter with a very distinctive name - "FEIGNdead". Now who knows, there may be more of us! Anyway, on with the show..

While on our search for the next quest for adventure, we once again met ourselves glancing at the good'old Heroes Board! It was at this point that we were informed of another threat arising in a distant land. Very brief quest description - [Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal]. However there was a great battle being waged in the far reaches of Mount Hyjal. Something about Deathwing and his army of minions making an assault against the 'World Tree' and causing complete devastation throughout.

Though, before heading directly to the battle at hand, we were sent through a portal within Stormwind Keep to the Druid haven of Moonglade. This tranquil mini-zone, filled with the magic of the Night Elves in all there natural and spiritual glory seemed a world apart from the chaos and destruction. Apparently our stay was to be short-lived as we were soon enough given word about a being of great power, known to most as.. Ragnoros. Almost instantly we were sent swooping off on the back of a dragon with all due speed, to Mount Hyjal.

Upon gliding swiftly into the zone, we come to see that our destination was nothing but a raging inferno. Then finding ourselves in the very centre of the chaos, of which we merely escaped by the skins of our teeth. Coming into contact, very close contact, with Deathwing the Destroyer and his newly reborn elemental fire lord Ragnoros. After a panic driven flee, we took haste and made our way to Nordrassil, The World Tree, to alert and warn the ally forces of the land.

Passing into the safety of the World Tree and weaving in between its many winding roots, we felt greeted with a breath of life and vitality. A feeling that all we knew was at stake, but being in the presence of such a wonder really belittled the situation for a short period. This was to be a very short period, for we were soon given our objectives. Our mission in the zone, despite a number of various quests, was simple. Protect the world tree at all costs. No matter how unclear it's very importance actually was to us.

There is no mercy in the path of fire

Carrying on. With this being a slightly lower level zone, the mobs did prove to go down quite easily. Though as always, I remained on guard and prepared for anything which could come our way. Especially with the ongoing attacks from the Twilights Hammer and enraging elementals. However this allowed us to spend more time focusing on our surroundings and really taking in/appreciating the zone.

Ragnoros, the Lord of Fire
After some sniffing around we came across a very curious Gnome and his partner. They instructed us to take their underground transport machine, to a place called Blackrock Mountain. Apparently there was suspicion around the activities of particular elementals within the mountain, of which they assumed the involvement of Ragnoros himself. Into the Caverns of Blackrock we go. Existing in what seemed to be a relatively active volcano, this short and sweet instance leads us in pursuit of an ally who seems to have gone on a 'Hulk-like' rampage ahead of us. Towards the end, and after a parade of bosses, we find that the Twilights Hammer have been working dark and powerful magic to transform and create monstrosities from those they have captured, to empower themselves.

Back to the fight, and we really get right into this war against the Twilight. We are rested with the great responsibility of rallying the ancients and demi-gods from their eternal slumber in the Emerald Dream, to join us in the defence of the world tree and to secure the fate of Azeroth. This also led Feignheart and myself to join and infiltrate the ranks of the Twilight Hammer to cause complete disruption and unveil there foul plans. Later going head-to-head with Ragnoros, aiding the ancients, and pushing him back into the firelands.. For now..


[Explore Hyjal]
[Beware of the 'Unbeatable?' Pterodactyl]
[Loremaster of Cataclysm]
[Coming Down The Mountain]
[2000 Quests Completed]

Along our travels through Mt.Hyjal, we have rescued a bundle of bunnies and squirrels from the vast fires of the land, gained a new [Blue Mini Jouster] Companion and seemingly misplaced (Vendored) Feignhearts melee weapon. The world is at a peak for adventurers and it is down to us to go and chase them...

Make sure to keep an eye open for the next instalment of Cataclysm Journals!

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- Jamin

Rage Against the Firelands (4.2) Trailer.


  1. Oh nice :D - you got Loremaster of Cataclysm! Wd!

    Oh dear about the melee weapon. Another great post as always Jamin.

  2. @Dora


    Yea, now I'm hunting around for one XD

    - Jammie Dodger

  3. Congratulations on the achievement haul! Hyjal is good for those. Looking forward to your next adventure now!

  4. @Aralosseien

    Thanks :)

    I am not usually one to get overly excited about achievements, however I do like the big noise you get when you do get once XD

    Thanks for commenting,

    - Jamin

  5. I really like Nordrassil. I think it's beautiful place. And congratulations for your achievements! :D

    Looking forward to read more.


  6. @Eleassar

    It certainly is! Really tranquil :) Thanks!

    Working on the next one as we speak!

    - Jamin

  7. How are you finding the new 4.2 content? I read this and then ploughed through the start of it... it's AMAZING.

  8. @Rio

    I have yet to start it! Once I have finished the next Cata Journal (Tonight..) I will be sending us straight there and have another post all about it ready to fly up! Can't wait!

    - Jamin

  9. Hyjal is a fun zone going through it the first time. The second and third... not so much. The stories that are told are very well done, and the only thing that is a bit annoying was the pterodactyl jousting.

  10. @Corath

    Yes, I see your point. Also, I agree that the pterodactyl jousting did prove to be a bit 'niggly'

    Thanks for dropping by!

    - Jamin


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