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Cataclysm Journal 19!

The land of the Titans..

The Storm Peaks
Onwards, and into the reaches of The Snow.. I mean, The Storm Peaks. Upon entering the zone, I feel like I am back in Dragonblight with the snow covered plains and wide open scenes. However. Once you begin to look up to the soaring heights, cliff tops, and mountains that initial feeling is lost. To mention, you really do require a flying mount to progress in this zone and of which even applies when in spirit form (Dead)...

Boom.. Boom.. And BOOM AGAIN!
So, your introduction to the zone begins in the Goblin town of K3. The green skin residents who stereotypically find that any problem has a solution which involves a large volume of explosives or of similar sort, as I will soon explain. Their primary reason for being here is just as many in the area. The mysteries of the Titans. Though more specifically, their treasures. While following a number of quest lines within the town which proved to be quite fun, a benefit of the Goblin race, I came across a minefield. Not just any minefield however. This one had air defences to make things worse! Anyway, while on the quest, a suggestion from the great achievement junkie @Aralosseien from Achievements Ahoy came in. This lead me to go for the achievement 'Mine Sweeper', which involved me bouncing around (and dying..multiple times) trying to set off as many mines as possible one after another in a chain. All in all, a really great challenge, so thanks for the telling Feignheart and myself about it!

The Hyldnir
Soon enough, the games had to come to a halt, for it was time for us to work our way further up into the peaks. To the Hyldnir. These giant beings to say the least, were like no other I have ever encountered in my travels so far. More surprisingly, compared to majority of factions, these were all women! None to be underestimated though. Pretty much the female equivalent to the Vrykul, of whom are held as slaves and captives for these strong minded Viking warrior women. Once getting a foothold, you again find yourself taking on another disguise to fight your way through a deadly tournament alongside and against these unforgiving blue skins. All of which acts as a prelude to meeting the mighty Thorim. This is where the main plot for The Storm Peaks really begins to jump into action. With Thorim being one of the protectors of Ulduar, set forth by the Titans, having his throne stolen by his evil brother Loken (had 'Clash of The Titans' in mind at this point), things really start to get interesting.

Machines of the Titans
Seeing as the Titans are such a fundamental part to the zone, and everything in Azeroth as we know, I feel they deserve some highlighting. To make it simple, they are the creators of the world in which you exist in. All of whom left many years ago, and placed a number of protectors such as Thorim in charge of keeping their creation in control and in order. While heading from place to place, evidence of what the Titans left behind (As pictured to the left) are all around you. I got the feeling, that it was similar to 'War Of The Worlds', in which machines of unthinkable size and power alongside huge caves of grand infrastructure can be found buried beneath our very feat. Underneath the snow. In the faces of the mountains we climb. Mysteries covered up, and waiting to be discovered.

Before moving on, I would like to stay on the topic of the titans and their influence within the current zone. As to the north lies Ulduar. The Heart of the Titan workings. Just full to the brim of history and Knowledge. I think an image describes my notes a thousand times over, of the sheer magnitude and epic proportion to the mine-zone...

.. Magnificent to say the least. This also includes the dungeon instance Halls of Lightning, which also holds an absolute expanse in size. In which Feignheart hit level 80!

Now. Although I had hit 80, and received my congratulating letter in the mail from Rhonin, I felt no reason to move on. I wanted to finish what I had started! So I did go on and continue through the zone, really taking on board everything it had to offer.

Halls of Lightning
What did catch my attention? Maybe some of my readers remember the Noggenfogger Elixir from Tanaris? Because I came across a collection of drinks from a vendor, which all worked similar to the elixir, however with a range of different effects such as Drakefire Chile Ale or Iron Boot Flask. These were all purchasable with the currency in the zone, which existed in the form of Relics of Ulduar. Which were also used to buy my new Giant Ring Belt from the Sons of Hodir. All good fun!

How could I go without mentioning one of the best zone-finales so far?! The epic flight escape with one of the greatest explorers ever, Brann Bronzebeard! Although this quest did prove troublesome with a hunter, as you could only use melee attacks, we got through it soon enough. Which was all worth it for, what I will state, as an unmissable scene! Brothers re-united. That is all I will say, as I believe it should be experienced by any of haven't already.

Do not disturb!

So, after that, it was time to head on back to the city of Dalaran to take a much needed rest at the Inn. This allowed Feignheart to pick up a new skill from the hunter trainer. Mastery. Which actually allows you access to a new stat rather than a new skill. Time to keep an eye out for this!

Anyway, it appears our stay was to be cut short! It became apparent after reading the cities Hero's Board, from where we received an urgent plea for help! Urgent enough to grant us with an additional (one use) Hearthstone to an important gathering within the The Golden Keg in the Dwarven District of Stormwind.

The adventure continues, like no other...


It seems that we have just hit a new milestone! 2000 hits! Which is even more reason for me to ask everyone this. Seeing as Feignheart is soon to take on the new fight in azeroth in his quest from 80-85, I would like to implement something else into my entries! Whether it be in the form of videos or more pictures? I want to hear exactly what YOU THE READER want to see!

So get in contact! Leave a comment, vote in the poll (to the right), tweet me @JaminWarcraft or even email me at:

Until next time,

Thanks for reading!

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- Jamin

Goblins.. Just Typical!


  1. More videos please! Videos of your character in action would be great to see. I never get tired of seeing what other people focus on in pictures and videos - there is so much detail and beauty in some WoW vistas.

  2. @Arolosseien

    Ah I was hoping that somebody would be in favour of them! Had the idea of maybe making videos for a while now.

    Any particular aspects of gameplay?

    - Jamin

  3. Aah, Storm Peaks. Two days ago I went to Ulduar on Nairu with a couple friends. I so miss this dungeon if I can't be there for a while. It is like the most awesome place in the game, I simply love just running around and taking in the scenery. And it has some of the best music and boss voices in the game, too. :3 Speaking of music, what did you think of the Storm Peaks soundtrack? I really really love the piece, it accompanies the epicness of the zone so well.

    Oh an grats on your 2000 hits, and on level 80 of course! Will you go to Hyjal or Vash'jir? I leveled only two characters to 85 yet and both did Hyjal because I loved it so much, so obviously I can't say anything about Vash'jir, but I can recommend Hyjal!

    Keep having fun! :)

  4. @Nairu

    I agree with you totally! The atmosphere on all sides, including sounds and music, really shines and emphasises all of the glory of the zone, not to mention Ulduar!

    Also, I haven't got that far yet, who knows! Though I will take your opinion into consideration!

    Any ideas for my question?

    - Jamin

  5. Ah, hm, videos would be interesting for sure, but I also love your screenshots!

  6. @Nairu

    Okay then, I'll keep those in mind too!

    You may be interested in my entire screenshot collection so far, from the whole Cataclysm Journey so far. Look to the right in the sidebar for my photobucket photo album.

    - Jamin

  7. Fantastic post Jamin! I loved exploring Storm peaks - its just so - AWESOME!

    You nearly got me going there where you talked about the Iron Boot Flask. My mind was whirring away about getting this for Döra :) I was filled with dreams of another epic run through the zone to buy the item with some relics I could farm with Salad - then fighting some level 16 boss or something in my new Döra disguise shooting out lightning bolts at my enemy! What a great idea for a new Döra video - lol.

    Unfortunately - a little research poured cold water on the idea - seems you have to complete a quest off the guy before he will sell you these, and Döra obviously cant do high level quests. Awesome dream over - was nice while it lasted lol

  8. @Dora

    Yea, exploration at its best!

    Ah, I love these challenges you set yourself, shame this one just wasn't to be :(

    - Jamin


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