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Cataclysm Journal 18!

Time to take a short stop..

While departing from Dragonblight and heading to Zul'Drak, I took some time to head to the city of Dalaran! This allowed Feignheart and myself to get some well needed rest at the Inn, to regain our strength for the journey ahead. This included a trip to the Auction House and the Hunter Trainer, which were most needed. The break also allowed us to finally pick up Artisan Flying! The saving really paid off, or should I say paid out! Worth every penny I should mention. Every last piece of copper we had earned. All 4750 gold of it! However to my surprise, a new mount wasn't needed to accompany the skill. Seems that your current mount becomes 'upgraded' to fit. So watch out Azeroth! For Feignheart now has a 280!

Violet Hold
The actual city itself floats above the forests of Crystalsong. Although the forest is as mystically enchanting as can be, it seems to have no relevance whatsoever (in terms of quests). Though Dalaran does indeed hold some magnificent sites, kind of like the Las Vegas of WoW. If I am honest, it seems like somewhere that should have been in 'The Wizard of Oz'. Within the city also exists a dungeon instance. This happens to be Violet Hold,which is pretty much a prison for all the terrible creatures which have been locked away for their crimes. This lead me to getting my hands on some new weaponry - Prison Wardens Shotgun.

With all due haste, we set out once again. This time for the mysteries of  Zul'Drak! The once mighty empire of the Drakarri Trolls, until the invasion of the scourge. The Trolls had lived in isolation in this pre-historic land alongside smaller tribes of Furblolgs and other inhabitants for decades, before the scourge showed up and began spreading their infestation across the land. Those who became infected by the deadly plagues that the scourge had let loose, later became the Drakuru (servants of the Lich King). This Tribal race of Trolls began performing rituals, which involved sacrificing their own Animal Gods. All to gain unmeasurable amounts of power, to combat the scourge. It was to be their own demise.

Here come the scourge...
The land itself is laid out in levels. Working it's way up to the heart of the Drakarri settlements. Within the vast wilderness exist grand stone temples and monuments, which are camouflaged in the surrounding mist and treacherous looking wildlife. When travelling, you come across a number of shrines which accept particular 'Drakkari Offerings'. These of course give you a Zone-Wide buff to assist you in battle. For example one gives you a huge Attack Power increase. Overall, with the looping drums in the background, the lurking snakes, hidden traps and the whole atmosphere of the area. I get one idea... INDIANA JONES!

The Arena!
Another great concept in this zone, or repeat of Gadgetzan, is The Arena. Which is of course run by a goblin, just typical. Anyway, the Arena is a lot grander than the Tanaris original (As you can see pictured to the right). Also, this one requires a full group of allies, suggested 5. However, due to a lack of players in the vicinity, I was lucky enough to receive the help from a level 85 TG buddy. Though this proved way less challenging, it was fun none the less. This was emphasized by the interesting bosses we fought, including a Tuskarr who had an evil army of... Penguins? Before moving on. A real word of warning! Make sure, especially when wandering along the main path running through the zone, to keep your eyes peeled, although the danger is hard to miss. As this is the route of which Thrym 'The Hope Ender' takes! Pretty much an oversized version of Frankenstein, he still has a habit of sneaking up on you despite the sheer size of him.. or it. Eventually you do come to an inevitable clash with this monstrosity, but more on that to come later...

The Hope Ender..
This zone, compared to Dragonblight, is fairly short. Though nothing far from the excitement that it set. Mean, who doesn't take privilege in investigating wild animals, to see what gender they are? Different I guess. At the start of your quest, you discover that the scourge want you! They have been trying to trap you into becoming one of them. This is where it gets interesting. With this information, you are instructed to give them a taste of their own medicine. Your going undercover! 007 style. Mission Impossible. You get the drift... So you grab your disguise and pretend that you've undergone the transformation, and begin to work your way up the ranks. Mingling with the scourge, who could ever have imagined. You even go to the extent of buying goods from them and completing their quests. All for the good of Azeroth though right?  No doubt that this was an excellent quest-line that really hooked me in, especially with the end resulting in another meeting with the Lich King!

Scourge Transport?

As you go through the zone, you also find yourself taking a Storm Giant for a ride. This, with its clever use of phasing, was by far one of the best quests yet to date. Literally trampling any scourge that come within your reach - or footstep! This is where you finally get to destroy the mighty Thrum and all the other scourge bosses. Now, last but not least, Gundrak. Let me re-emphasize the Indiana Jones feeling in this instance. Anyway, a nice fun run through the instance granted me with yet another weapon replacement for the one I had only just received in Violet Hold - Drakkari Hunting Bow!

During my adventures, I have noticed something. Nothing seriously problematic however. While leveling from 60-80 it seems that their is very little hunter orientated gear. This meaning, since the class change in Cataclysm. As a lot of the Mail gear includes intellect and so on, of which we no longer require. I see that a lot of the Leather equipment is more suited, but with the Mail Specialization, I try to avoid it. Though, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, as there is still more than enough gear to suit. What do you think? Now, what new abilities has Feignheart picked up now:
So a really great set of skills/utilities to play with! Also, I have found a really neat way of soloing elites. Nothing new I bet, but something I have discovered.The use of Concussive Shot and Distracting Shot. Basically kiting the mob between you and your pet!

One of the Animal Prophets!

Coming to a close on this edition on Cataclysm Journals. Feignheart is now at the grand level of 78 and is now again in a split decision. Storm Peaks or Icecrown?! YOU DECIDE!

Now before I do finish I would like anyone interested, of which you should be, in my latest addon! Head over to my review on Time Wasted Tuesday for all the information:

Until next time,

Thanks for reading!

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- Jamin


  1. Heh I love the screenshots and your journal quality entries. Keep it up, I'm still fighting my way out of the Outlands.

  2. @Mhorgrim

    Thanks, feel free to check out my whole screenshot diary -

    Ah I know how you feel. Try some battlegrounds, dungeon runs or even a prepossession to spice it up a bit!

    - Jamin

  3. Fantastic reading, as ever! Despite running the content 6,7,8 times, reading your adventures still have a sense of excitement which tickles my nostalgia zone and makes me realise just how much fun I had doing what you're doing now.

    I nominate Storm Peaks next, it really expands the titanic watchers story brilliantly and introduces the complex of Ulduar. Then head to Icecrown after you've finished the zone and start the assault on old Fatty McScourge himself!

  4. @Rioriel

    Yea. I find if you look outside the box, rather than tunnel vision on the 'goal' (85), you can really appreciate the content. Because leveling is a large chunk of the game, so by ignoring it your forgetting the whole point - to have fun!

    Well the next zone will probably be my last Northrend zone. Only a level and a half until 80. I've had mixed answers, think I would prefer to go to Syorm Peaks, makes more sense in terms of story flow.

    - Jamin

  5. Its gotta be Storm Peaks Jamin - its an amazing place! Plus don't forget to get your rep up with the Sons of Hodir while you are there for their great shoulder enchants.

    Loved that you included a screenshot of the Hope Ender - I remember running through his legs when exploring there on Döra - Screenie on this page.

    I loved that moment :)

    Great article - which brought back some fond memories.

  6. @Dora

    Thanks for your input. Think Storm Peaks is on the Agenda then!

    Yea, I was fighting a group of mobs when Thrym decided to 1 shot my pet, so I just suffered through the full duration (5 minutes) of Feign Death with the fear of him coming back haha XD

    - Jamin

  7. Totally agreed, Jimjams. On toons that I'm not powering to 85 to fill a raid spot (which is very rare, thankfully), I like to finish each zone's core quest lines - not just for the shiny blue - as that's often where the WHYS and HOWS of instance boss lore/story is told.

    Ah, story. I love this game.


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