Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Moment To Reflect

Lets take a step back...

Gaze into the abyss
So seeing as I have been rather distant lately, due to; Real Life, My Birthday and a lot of behind the scene creations for the blog and beyond. I feel it is time to reflect on my journey so far and what is in store for the future of Shattered Beginnings and Feignheart..

To kick off I am going to give an overview of how my experiences on the journey from 1-70 have been. I made a similar post on Time Wasted Tuesday a while back, which can be found here - Something Different. However this time I will include a lot more detail on my views and opinions which I have gathered on my travels. Since my first steps in Azeroth to my current steps onto the dock in Stormwind Harbour, awaiting my trip to Northrend.

I will spilt it into two parts. Firstly 1-60, Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, and then 60-70, Outland.


Fighting for Gilneas
Feignheart's initial steps began in the starting area of Gilneas. The experience of the first 10 levels and the whole atmosphere of the Worgen theme were just unreal. I just instantly felt sucked in and truly convinced. From the Victorian theme to the old-English accent. It all felt so original.

Until it was time to move on. On to the re-created Azeroth. Which overall, met on the same levels which had been set by my 1-10 experience. First, off to Darkshore. Thereafter hitting zones such as The Southern Barrens, Winterspring, Tanaris and so on. All of which, after their 're-creation', remained exciting, interesting and again original every time you entered a new zone or picked up a new quest. I can honestly say my experience during those 60 levels were second to none, from what I have journeyed through so far. Although it did seem a little fast at times, which I see as a good thing. As it leaves it more desirable to level through again when I one day decide to make a new character.


A flight from the Dark Portal
Now for the second half. I will start off getting this across. That I didn't enjoy Outlands as much *WHILE LEVELING* compared to the previous 1-60.

The journey through Outlands changed the atmosphere instantly. I did get a good feeling of 'epic-ness' as I travelled through the first zone of Hellfire Peninsula. The music and the large settings/scenery gave me an image of real adventure. The same can also be said for the zones which followed.

However. Because of the way you take a step back in time. Literally (not just in game). Seeing as this whole continent was released way before cataclysm and even WoTLK. This zone, for obvious reasons, hasn't been affected by the cataclysm and therefore has had pretty much no alterations from its former glory. So you find yourself following blizzards older quest/zone structures. As in - Go here/there - Collect this/that - and so on. At first it actually felt like a nice change in pace. Maybe because you didn't have to think so much. But after a while became quite tedious and repetitive. I found myself skipping quest text, which I hate doing, and flying through quests thoughtlessly. Robotic. Which I can't say I enjoyed.

** The reason I say 'while leveling' is because I know for a fact Outland still has so, so much to offer. Though you don't get to see this with the way quests rush you through the continent, and zones only getting half uncovered etc. It just gets lost in the system. At the same time yes, you can spend more time in them. But when leveling like I say, that isn't your main priority. So I know in myself that it is definitely worth re-visiting when I can not worry about progressing through the zones and doing quests, but be able to spend more time to appreciate what it has to display.

A Shot From Stormwind

A main point as well is in the new leveling structure. You feel more involved. Yes it may be more Linear than before. But I prefer that, especially if it means more quality in the quests. As in they become more interactive and give you a feeling that your actions are really meaningful. Not to mention that you become more intertwined with the story than ever before!

So that's my review on the experience so far! I could go on and on. Though I think I have covered the most important parts. So don't forget to re-visit Outland one day! Hoping Northrend will bring a breath of fresh wind. Now onto something else..

My Birthday!

So part of the reason why I have been distant as of late is because it was my Birthday last weekend. Though to make up for it, take a look at this:

How EPIC is that?!

Yes I was just as surprised when I was presented with this. Seriously. Seeing my World of Warcraft character and alter-ego, ON MY CAKE! (Caps necessary). I quote - 'Best Cake Ever'. Words cannot describe.

Also, I now have an iPhone! Is my life complete now? Which also lead me to receive my 'Core Hound Pup' companion from the In-Game mail, after downloading the Battle.net Authenticator (Which I recommend you all do)

Core Hound Pup

New Features:
  • Forum - Which can be found Here
  • Contact Page
  • Cataclysm Journal Page
  • New Poll - vote!
Now for what is to come in the near future:
  • Blogroll
  • Contests (One coming up very soon)
  • About me
  • Gallery (Including Videos)
  • Feedback Page
  • My own site
  • FanFiction
  • The Clan. The Guild...

So watch out, I have big things in store for the blog and my valuable readers! Keep pinned!

Coming to the end of what I know has been a long post, which I feel has been very necessary! I want to again thank every one of my readers who really make all this worthwhile. It is you guys that really push me and motivate me to put my posts out there! Thanks from myself and Feignheart!

Look out for the next edition of 'Cataclysm Journals', where Northrend is on the agenda!

Until then..

Thanks for reading!

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A New Wind


  1. I love the look of that birthday cake (and happy birthday!) Nice to see the blog expanding too, hope it all goes well!

  2. @Rebecca

    Thanks haha! I was so shocked to see it XD

    Yep, about time I really kick start the blog!


  3. Awesome cake Jamin! Didn't know they could print pictures onto icing. :) Belated Happy Birthday!

    I heartily agree about Outlands. After the new 1-60 experience Outlands seems such a grind.

  4. @Dora

    Thanks! Yea I was just speechless when i saw the cake!

    Yea, its a shame when OL just has so much underlying to be uncovered. Feels like it's been buried underground with a motorway for levelling built on top :(



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