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AoF: A Story Untold - Chapter One

So, as many of you know, I had been working on my first ever 'FanFiction' piece. This was brought on by a writing competition held over at The Dark Order. Unfortunately I didn't get as much written as initially planned, however I didn't want to sacrifice quality for quantity. To my surprise, it has just granted me with 1st place within the competition! Here is the competition announcement page -

Also I now have my place in the - 'FanFiction Contest Hall of Fame' !

Anyway, before you go on to read the entry and my first ever FanFiction piece, I would like to say a few things. Firstly a big thank you to Arphalas over at The Dark Order! This competition really has given me more than enough inspiration to continue with what I have been doing, including a massive amount of motivation to write a continuation and follow up to the piece you are about to read. So look out for more instalments! Now without further a due, I present...

Adventures of Feignheart:
A Story Untold

Chapter one.
(Entry for ‘The Dark Order’ writing contest)
By Jamin

The skies darken above me. The world begins to fade. Every part of me feels reversed. Happiness turned to hunger. Passion turned to rage. I feel trapped within my own body. Memories of what was, what I was, start to blur. What is happening to me?! Where did my sanity go...

I was a hero among my people. The city of Gilneas is what I fought for! Battling against anything which would try to threaten my homeland, my people and most of all, my family. People applauded me everywhere I went. Even the King himself, Genn Greymane, gave me a title. I was Feignheart ‘Protector of The People’! But that all changed.

Somehow evil, unknowingly, passed through our towering walls and crept into the city. In the form of foul, relentless DOGS! These creatures, which tore apart any that stood in their way, gradually began pouring onto the city. I gathered together the Army of Gilneas. I lead them to fight head on with the beasts. We didn’t let a single one of the filthy animals escape our sights. They appeared to be coming from all over the place. From within the woodwork it seemed! We continued to fight on, while our own numbers began to drop. However. Not all of those missing, that we assumed to be dead, were found...

Soon enough we were outnumbered. That is when I was struck. Down from the rooftops they came. One managed to take a tear out of me. Down my back I was ripped from top to bottom. Covered in blood I carried on the fight, until. Until it all went black.

I awoke in a haze. I could feel burning. A burning sensation to KILL! My dreary eyesight allowed me to make out what seemed to be a prison cell. With the figures of those I called my friends, some even my family, on the other side. What is the going on? As I hung from what I could only make out to be chains, for the second time, everything went black.

Once again, I woke. This time to be landed the floor, and down from the chains. I lifted my head to see my vision had returned and I was shocked to realise I was in the cities dungeon cells. Then what I was about to see, could never leave me. With no recollection of what had happened, I saw, behind the shattered bars of my cell, the bodies. The bodies of my family! Ripped from limb to limb. Claw marks scared their entire bodies. No longer any identity to their once recognisable faces. I couldn’t bare the sight. I got to my feet and ran as fast as I could. Up and up until I reached the ground level of the castle. I made my way to the outside. It was the black of night, though all seemed visible with the enormous glistening full moon above me. It was then I heard the cries and the screams echoing throughout the streets. I followed them. As fast as my legs could carry me! Until I arrived at the centre of the city. The battle was not over.

Those who had survived the continuous attacks from the beasts were still engaged in full out combat, taking a beating from their ongoing assaults. In the distance I could make out one of my officers, who had been loyal to my command for as long as I can remember. He was face to face with the monstrous creatures. I took up the sword of one of my fallen comrades and began rushing to his aid. But then everything went silent. The enemy began to retreat. On all fours they began to turn, and run. However, none of my soldiers pursued. Instead they began dropping their very own weapons! Above the cries, came terrifying howls. Enough to make the mind and body of any man go cold. Then it happened. 

Nothing could prepare me, for what I was about to see. Those that I had fought alongside for years, that I had lived with all my life, changed. In synchronisation, they all began yelling and screaming in what seemed to be pain, or rather fear. They all fell to the floor, to their knees. Then my commander, my trusted friend, took one last look at me, a look I shall remember for all my life, before turning away. Each of them then began letting out the same spine chilling howl, directed towards to moon. Grunts, roars and all kinds of ghastly noises erupted from them. As before my eyes, they transformed. Into the very enemy we had been fighting! I couldn’t describe how the souls of men and women alike we shredded apart both mentally and physically in those few moments. For it wasn’t very long before I heard the familiar thundering sound of war-drums from behind me.

To be continued...

Thanks for reading!

Look out for Adventures of Feignheart and A Story Untold, very soon!

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  1. Wow! A hearty congrats Jamin! Well deserved win and a great piece of writing. I am looking forward to the next installment. :)


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