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Cataclysm Journal 15!

 It's been a while...

Feignheart at present

I'm sorry to keep you all waiting in the next chapter of the Adventures of Feignheart! During his travels to Area 52, The Netherstorm. There seemed to be a chain of 'mystifying' events when he took a shortcut from Hellfire Peninsula directly to the zone. He seems to have discovered an uncharted area named The Twisted Nether! Apart from distinct objects in the distance, all that could be said of the area was; a sea of time and space.. Anyway, parts of his trip through the nether remain quite faint. Although that should be enough to explain his absence as of late.

The Netherstorm
Upon arrival of the new zone, I got an instant image of the battleground 'Eye of the Storm'. Which I had visited a while back. With the purple colour scheme and magical storm settings, all contributing factors to the atmosphere. Alongside these features, and after a little exploration with some quests, I get the imagery that the area is a huge piece of unstable 'waiting to explode' land. Especially with the goblins treating it as a test ground to build their new rocket and the blood elves drawing all the energy from out of the very ground! Torn apart by abuse, power and greed.

The.. Eco-Drome?
After receiving a beam of light being rained down on me when walking through the entrance to AREA 52, a small goblin town in the zone, I took up a number of quests. Some to deem quite interesting. Especially a rather tricky one to kill a guy called 'Dr Boom'. Also I later on found myself escorting the ghost of a cow through a town of angered Mage spirits? Pretty mind blowing I know. Eventually I made my way into the Tempest Keep, firstly the Botanica. Though where I tend to focus more on making sure I perform my best for the group, I do not really take down many notes or grab many screenshots of the instances. Mainly because of the pace! Though I shall begin working on more content revolving around my experiences in them. Maybe some videos..

While adventuring through the zone, I was sent to assist some NPC's in a place called an 'Eco-Drome'. Which on the outside appears to look like a mage version of a greenhouse. Shrouded in a magical barrier, separating itself from the environment, this is what you are presented with once inside:

The lush and booming life from within the Eco-Drome
Now. A few struggles which have faced myself and Feignheart lately have been mainly around taking large amounts of mobs on at once, especially when they are grouped together very tightly leaving you with no choice. Also when you attract extra mobs while already engaged with a group. This has really pushed us to begin really utilizing our skills, mainly the crowd control and Kiting ones such as; Frost trap, Concussive shot and Intimidation (Beast Mastery Pet skill). Another note is how much Hunters Mark makes a huge difference. When I was unable to use this on certain mobs, due to being immune, I really started appreciating how important it is to make sure I always tag mobs with it! Along the way, here is what has been picked up helping to continue to expand our skills:
  • Beast Mastery (Talent) - This is the last available talent in the Beast Mastery tree. It allows you to tame Exotic pets, which I can't wait to try out soon! Also it gives you 4 more pet talent points to play around with. Very nice indeed.

Now for something I have thought would be of interest to some of you. Have you ever actually paid particular attention to the people, monsters and strange creatures that are falling to your blood-covered blade or spine-numbing spell? Well here are some shots of a few of those that I came across in my quest through the Netherstorm:

Ding! Level 70! My time has come. I have felt my pull. My calling. The Hero Board in Stormwind gives me my new Continent to travel to. It is time, to venture.. To NORTHREND!

Before I finish up. I would like to say a big Thank You to every one of my readers! 1000 visitors and counting! However without my very loyal followers and amazing support, I wouldn't have gotten this far already! Though. This is only the beginning..

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice to see a new story! I haven't played a lot myself during the Burning Crusade and I have still quests to do there that I have never seen before. I will definitely revisit it when I have the time, especially when I read your story today! Thank you again for sharing!

  2. @Existance

    Yea, been very busy lately. But so glad to get back to it at last! Also there is a lot their worth looking at. Maybe not up to the cataclysmic standard, but that's where imagination comes in!

  3. Wow GZ Jamin - off to Northrend already! Nice one!:) Hardly seems two minutes since you started your adventure.

    Following your footsteps on Thriftee its nice to be reminded of the zones, quests and mobs I have to look forward to. I always found Netherstorm a difficult zone but also one of the most interesting of the outland zones.

  4. @Dora

    I know! Looking back I am shocked at how much have covered XD

    Netherstorm is a rather long questing area, of which I didn't get to finish. So just waiting for a re-visit in the future!



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