Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 14!

Firstly a short trip back to Stormwind...

The new face of Stormwind
Before I take Feighnheart into the forests of Terrokar, it looks about time to take a quick step out and visit Stormwind to do some well needed 'Chores'. Firstly I was in serious need of visiting the Action House, as my bags were full to the brim of items ready and waiting to sell. Secondly I wanted to make a trip to the bank to store some of my possessions. This includes interesting trinkets, souvenir's, and in general anything I have taken a particular liking to. The reason I like to keep certain items is because it gives me items to go along with my memories. In a way I develop some sentimental value around such memorabilia, whether or not their 'useful'. Anyway, back to it...

After my travels through the Zangarmarsh, my next destination was Terrokar Forrest! So after a few quests easing me into the zone, I was soon enough lead to the central city of Outland. The city of.. Shattarath! Upon entering the once bussling and ever crowded city, I really get the feeling of 'what once was'. The following images should speak for themselves, hopefully capturing the sheer beauty, mystery and spirituality of it all:

Looking in on the city

A'dal in the center
The Aldor Section

The Scryers Section
So. After handing in my quest in the city, I was directed to the center to speak with somebody of great importance. I spoke with the mystical being of A'dal. Apparently the leader of some kind of spiritual race (As pictured above) which saved the city, alongside it's godlike warriors. Anyway. I was sent on a quest, or rather a tour. This tour lead by an elemental minion, lead me all around the city including a very interesting story along the way, including descriptions of each area within the walls and pieces of history related to them. Got me rather hooked in to be honest. Then I was introduced to the rivalry of the mighty Aldor and the cunning Scryers, of which you are given the decision to choose a faction to side with. With some thought, and surprisingly enough to even me. I chose the Scryers! I felt that Feignheart had that darker side to him..

A quick note about Shattrath City. Their appears to be no Auction House here. However. I did some research on the Internet and found that Blizzard are planning to implement one. So that should really come in handy when it is introduced!

Lots of Quests!
Back to it. Questing in Terrokar Forest has been interesting. Adding in the sheer amount of them!
This lead to me spending a lot of time within the zone. Although, that is in no way a negative! It really gave me all the more chance to get involved with the area's history and lore. Things that, in the particular area, I would like to look deeper into. For example, the mysterious 'Bird People'. These strange and eccentric creatures which look like Dwarfs, covered in feathers, followed by a rather unusual limp and not to mention living in a matrix of tree houses, actually seem to have a lot of story surrounding them. Not so much in terms of the main-plot, but interesting enough in itself.

The Bone Wastes
Seeing as I have spent some time in the area, I think I'll add just a few more points about it. To begin the zone is actually split into two halves. One which displays the lush forests, which surround the city. While the other half is a dead land called 'The Bone Wastes'. This half includes a massive circular ruin which includes a set of Dungeons including Sethekk Halls, of which I had a run through. Which was extremely enjoyable, considering I gained a blue item called 'Terroks Quill'!

This time round, Feignheart only gained one new ability. This was Snake Trap. Which as the name states, releases a number of deadly snakes on any foe who sets foot on the trap. A plus is that it is also a 'Nature' trap, so can be combined with Explosive trap! Very nice.

Terrokar.. On the Edge!

Now. Feignheart has 'His Mind On Money' (Achievement). A 'Battered Steam Tonk Controller'. A new companion called Miniwing. He has become friends with the Sha'tar and the Lower city, leading him on his way to completing all the quests to get the 'Terror of Terrokar!' achievement. Currently at the growing level of 67, he is now ready to venture forward into the reaches of.. AREA 52 - Netherstorm!

Lastly. One an announcement I would like to make, which is in two parts. Firstly I urge everybody interested in; FanFiction; Death Knights, General WoW Talk and much more to visit 'The Dark Order'! This is a fresh new blog/site by Arphalas which is rapidly growing and expanding every day. Secondly. To launch his new site, he is holding a competition! One that I will be participating in. The competition involves writing your own FanFiction. An area I am really exited about moving into, alongside my normal Journals. I shall be putting up my entry at the competition closing date, so watch out! Now if you are interested in his blog OR the competition head over there now:

Thanks for reading!

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Just some of the conversation during a rather random quest!


  1. Yay I am part of it :D

    Thanks a lot for the mention I truly appreciate it! :)


  2. Great read Jamin! Really enjoyed that :) Yeah Salad's bank is stuffed full to the brim (all slots used too) of interesting stuff and memorobilia she has collected over the years - I find it so hard to part with stuff. Always interesting to see which faction people tend to go for :) I tend to choose Aldor myself.

    When you are in Shatrath look out for a yell by someone called Shattrath Saul announcing "TAUREN CHIEFTAINS! Playing LIVE, in the WORLD'S END TAVERN! Be there, at the top of the hour!". Well worth a watch and a great experience if you happen to catch them playing. :)

  3. @Arphalas That's not a problem. Well deserved!

    @Dora Glad you did! I haven't caught I glimpse of that yet, but I shall keep it in mind next time I am in the city!



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