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Cataclysm Journal 13!

Who pulled the plug?

Mushroom Land Of Zangarmarsh

So now Feignheart is taking his steps in the land of Zangarmarsh. The zone is like a dreamy bog. Yes those two descriptions do work together in this scenario. After reading through a few of the quests, I had already gotten a feel to the area's theme. Think of it as a conservation area. The druids of the Cenarion Expedition are trying to look into problems within the wildlife and go to extensive measures to protect it. However you are in a struggle with the Naga who seem to have other plans.

From above the Reservoir..
I was lead to find out why, the naga, have been stealing water? Pretty strange I think. This eventually leads you to Coilfang Reservoir. Now to get their however, that's the cool part. You find yourself having to dive into a lake and take a underwater swim to get into the cave. This is the location of the two dungeons; The Underbog and The Slave Pens. Hold your breath!

So I did of course take the time to head into these two instances, with the quests I had gathered. This is where I had a taste of the real hunter AoE potential! Seriously. Bestial Wrath + Explosive Trap + Multi Shot = Lots of big numbers which make me happy! Then. Think your about to over-aggro? Feign Death! Which gives you the opportunity to get right back to taking down the mobs. The fun of learning!

The Dive Beneath!
Also, while battling my way through the instances, I noticed the power of a Paladin! (Pun not intended). Our healer disconnected, so we were left with the DPS (Including myself), and a tank which happened to be a Paladin. So while waiting for a new healer, we decided to see what we could do. So what did we decide? The paladin went on to heal AND tank! It was just amazing. I did as much as I could to help, with my pet tanking what it could and trying to control loose adds. In the end we cleared the whole instance without a full healer, but the challenge proved to be so fun, including a chance to practice using my other abilities (Crowd Control ones). As well as grabbing myself a cool new Crossbow!

After some great dungeon runs, I leveled up and decided to hit the trainer. This time acquiring Aspect of The Wild, which gives you a Nature Resistance buff. Which I'm sure will come in handy sooner or later. While on my journey, I was nearly tempted to tame a new pet. Because after seeing another hunter taking a massive group of mobs, with what seemed to be a tanking pet, I was shocked! However, I have to say. I am attached to my good old dog. Been with me since day one!

The Last Boss of the Underbog
So I didn't get to complete this zone, as I was really interested in following the story into Terrokar Forest. As well as having access to a main city, which could prove useful! Though I really have enjoyed my experience here! The side-stories which are present in each of the zones I am leveling through are so emersive in themselves, but at the same time really click with the main story. You also receive some nice buffs such as 'Blessing of War' from the Ancient Cenarion trees which roam the area.

At the level 65 and Honored with the Cenarion Expedition, Feignheart is ready to head off once again. This time into the forests of Terrokar...

Before I go, I would like to tell you that I am not alone! By that I mean, what I have been doing. It seems that another group of adventurers have also taken the chance to start a-fresh in the new expansion. They are, The Overlores! This is a Twisted Nether Production Podcast. They, a group of 5, have started new Worgen Characters and talk us through what they experience. A little of the lore alongside it as well! I really recommend everyone head over their and check it out!

Until next time...

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great read! Been ages since I ventured through Zangarmarsh with my Death Knight. I forgot most of it since it was all just a rush-fest with other DK's and my other alts never made it above level 50. It;s cool to get a reminder of whats actually out there.

    Great stuff, will be eagerly awaiting your next enstallment ;)


  2. @Arphalas


    Now time to get to work on that contest of yours ;)


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