Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 12!

And through to the other side...

From the other side!
So after re-watching the Burning Crusade cinematic, because it obviously seemed fitting to set the pace, I did eventually step through the Dark Portal! As soon as I passed through the space-like barrier and into Outland, I was instantly hit with a few thoughts/feelings. First off, there is the huge difference between the Outland portal compared to the Azeroth one. Not only in sheer size, but the whole glamour of it all. Then after a few minutes in the area, and on my flight path to Honor Hold, I was really taken. Taken by a whole new atmosphere! The music, the scenery and a complete change of theme really gave me a complete feeling of adventure and conquest! Away from the Cataclysm, but not away from devastation!

Flying away from the portal and on my way to Honor Hold, in Hellfire Peninsula the first Outland area, I really took the time to gaze around and let this new world sink in. Here is a good screenshot that I find really captures the feeling:

Hellfire Peninsula
Now onto the questing. First of all you are introduced to the stories of Ouland and the Hellfire Orcs as well as the Burning Legion. Then unlike back in Azeroth, you find you are allying with the Horde once again! You also get to fly on some pretty cool 'bombing' missions which, alongside lots of big numbers, kept questing just as fun. Although you are 'assisting' the Horde, their is still the PVP concept which is enhanced by the three capture the flag objectives in the area. Of which sure did bring on some good world PVP moments to be remembered!

Do not get in the path of THE FEL REAVER!
So some rather enjoyable quests in this area, including a rather spooky exorcism, and rather camp dwarf quest giver named Gunny who kept calling me 'sweetie' or 'darlin' alongside some other pretty strange names. In terms of the items I had gained. I noticed the greens were far more powerful than any of the blues I had recently acquired in Azeroth, which was to be expected. Along the way I managed to get a comical/novelty gear piece called 'drinking hat' which on equip/use makes your vision blurred and your movement strange. I think this is called, intoxication (Drunk..).

What I have noticed to add. Is the change in quest layout/design in Outland. Other than spending considerably longer in zones than previously, the quests now seem a lot less linear. They are still very fluid in the way they lead from one another, but their are a far more to do at once when compared to the recreated Azeroth. However I actually find this gives a slight change in gameplay pace and really immerses you in a different set of side story lines.

Time for a quick trainer update for the one they call Feighnheart:
  • Aspect of the pack - The same as 'Aspect of the Cheetah' excect it affects all party member within range! Which sure comes in handy when running around in dungeons.
  • The Beast Within - Actually this one is a talent that deserves a mention! When you activate the 'Beastial Wrath' pet skill, it allows YOU to also take on an enraged state! A number of advantages with this skill, mainly the reduced focus cost on skills!
Now. A big moment for Feighnheart and myself upon hitting 60. All that gold saved up for a good reason..

YES! Worgens can fly!

Thats right! We have taken to the sky! I made no time waste in heading straight to the flying trainer and picking up my flying skill alongside my rather mystical flying mount! So seeing as I also needed to visit the AH I thought I'd take time out to portal back to Stormwind and fly around their (Seeing as I also picked up Azeroth Flying). Oh my! It was just so amazing to finally be able to FLY IN AZEROTH. It felt so Surreal! However I don't need to go on, I think you guys get the picture.

The stairs within the Furnace!
Anyway. To finish of the zone I took myself into 'Hellfire Ramparts' and 'The Blood Furnace', which were extremely fun to say the least! Gained the Honored status with 'Honor Hold' which in turn rewarded me with a PVP trinket! So that should come in handy at some point.

Now level  63, and time to venture (With my new transport) onwards into the land of Zangarmarsh...!

So until next time on Feignheart's Adventures...

Also I would like to make a brief, but rather big announcement. I would like to tell you all that I have been invited to write for a new WoW-Based site called 'Time Wasted Tuesday'. I gladly accepted this offer! But I would like to confirm that this blog will still be just as, if not even more, active! So DO NOT think I am abandoning you guys! However, do feel free to follow along with mine and some other very creative authors on the site which can be found here > Time Wasted Tuesday

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Big GZ for getting to Outlands and for being invited to write for 'Time Wasted Tuesdays'! I'm sure you'll have fun with both. :)

    Ps. I tried the tab trick on Wranggar's blog - doesn't work for me :(

  2. I'm sure I will XD

    Ah dam. Well I've messaged him about it, not sure what else to do :(


  3. Welcome the Outlands! It feels a bit like a deserted place and a step back in time at the moment but there are still marvels to discover.

  4. @Existence

    It just gives me an epic feeling like I am the real Hero! As though I am the only one sent to Outland to save the world! XD

    Anyway, this is so strange!

    I was on your blog yesterday! I was wondering if you'd stopped or given up on it! How weird!

    Anyway, Get posting!


  5. Nice description on the first steps in Outland. It's an awesome experience and the first time I set foot there I got the same feeling.

    Love your writing and am waiting eagerly on the next installment ;)



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