Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 11!

So on to Winterspring...

The Goblin Town of Everlook

However, I didn't spend as much time in this zone as anticipated. I managed to complete the starting quests in the zone, being lead as far as Everlook (Screenshot Above). Though the little time I did spend here was quite amusing. Being able to gather snowballs from the floor in piles called 'holiday snow' and acquiring items which allow you to gain interesting buffs, such as size increases, called 'JuJu Magic' proved to keep it worthwhile. Although my time here was short lived when I hit level 57 and had a quest headed for Blasted lands, and in turn.. Outland!

Blasted Lands
To head to the Blasted Lands, I knew I had to start off from Stormwind. So on the boat I hopped from Rut'theran Village. After arriving at the Harbor I began planning my route to the zone, until I had a spark of wisdom! To my surprise, I was correct! Their was a portal from in the Mage District Tower, which lead me all the way to Blasted Lands! Now was that a nice treat or what? Saved myself a chunk of time.

 New Worgen Area of Surwich

Now, this zone is basically a wasteland. Apart from two features which set it apart. First of all their is the new Worgen area, which is a revamped Tainted Scar. Let me take a moment to say how much I do enjoy the theme of the Worgen towns and areas. I know I said this in my first journal when in the starting area, however it just gives of such a cool atmosphere whenever your in one. Anyway, I caught up with a friend for this zone and we stuck together for some time completing and handing in quests. Though this had no negative affects on my XP income at all! With that, I actually received huge amounts of XP here. To add, leveling with a friend is so fun! It really speeds up questing and it's really interesting to work together as a team! So I highly recommend pairing up or grouping up with some friends whenever you get a chance!

Then it came to the point where, I had completed all the available quests as well as gaining the Explore/Quest achievement. It was time to head to the.. Dark Portal!

The Dark Portal!

Your made to complete a few pre-quests around the portal before you gain the quest sending you to pass through, and into Outlands. During this time, I gained the achievement 'Duelicious', which I got after winning my first duel against a mage at the same level! Nothing major, but enough for me. I also started to wonder. How has the cataclysm affected Outlands?

I am ready. Level 59. Left with one quest. Time to pass through the portal, and into.. OUTLANDS!

So until next time in the adventures of Feignheart...

Before you all head off. I would like to introduce, for those who haven't already seen, you to a very interesting blog called Postcards From Azeroth! This blog, written by Rioriel, is a collection of amazing screenshots from our favourite game. Each of which have been edited just slightly with a quote to each one that gives every one a sense of feeling/emotion. I find his daily update of images really facinating and think that anyone who enjoys reading my blog will surely enjoy taking a look!

So check it out > Rioriel's - Postcards From Azeroth

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey Jamin - thanks for the tip about getting to the blasted lands - will bear that in mind when I have to get to the outlands portal with Thriftee - will save me a long walk - lol.

    I was wondering if you could do me a favour.

    Ive been trying to comment on Wranngar's blog (A World of Warcraft Blog) but the bit where you have to enter the word verification is cut off halfway through the word, and therefore I can't type it in - so I cannot post a comment. I notice that you have commented on there, so I was wondering if you could pass on this info to Wranngar as he probably doesn't know there's a problem. I use Firefox if thats any help to him. Thanks in advance :)

  2. No problem! XD

    Oh I have the same problem too!

    What I do is TAB and it scrolls down eventually, however I shall inform him of this from the both of us!



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