Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 10!

All the way up to 10 already! What a way to head into the New Year!

New Years Celebrations!
Anyway, more on that at the end of this post.

So we left off previously to go and visit the 'Hero Board' in Darnassus (as that was the closest city for me) to grab a quest, as I seemed to have run out. After a very relaxing gryphon taxi ride from Tanaris to Darnassus, I arrive and head for this board. Like expected it did indeed have a quest for my current level. This one sending me to Winterspring! Now even though only a minor change, I find this new feature great for new and old players, including me, who aren't sure where to head next for questing and/or enjoy a streamlined leveling experience.

Corrupted forests of Felwood
Off to Winterspring I go! This was a journey in itself which had me flying to Ashenvale and then walking (Or running so to speak) north into Felwood. However. On entering the Felwood zone I came across a small encampment with numerous green quests. Taking a moments thought. I wondered whether I should carry on going, with Winterspring just on the other side of Felwood, OR, despite the fact the quests were slightly lower in level, take the time to enjoy another zone in my journey. Well of course, being me, I choose the second option.

Illidan Vs The Lich King!
This zone started off with some pretty basic quests, but not for long. Soon enough I  was caught along in a rather interesting quest chain. I was comfortably questing away until I received a task sending me to kill a so called 'traitor'. However you end up aiding him! You get to participate in, and see, some epic battles between the Burning Crusade villain Illidan Stormrage, of whom you fight alongside in flashbacks, until the final battle against... The Lich King! I must say, this really made my decision to quest here even more worth the while! Not to be overlooked! Oh, and that does include the new Worgen area in the zone, where you are in conflict with the goblins who are located nearby.

Now for a quick update on how the hunter, Feighnheart, himself is doing! Making sure I take him to visit the hunter trainer more frequently. So here is what I picked up:
  • Distracting Shot - An ability to Taunt a mob to attack you for a short period of time
  • Track Dragons
  • Rapid Fire - This really handy skill (with a longer cooldown) allows you to increase your ranged attack speed by 40%! Great when paired with Bestial Wrath and Focus Fire.
  • Bloodthirsty (Pet Talent) -  A really conveniant passive ability which allows your pets attacks to have a chance to restore it's health and happiness. (Did I mention conveniant!)
While leveling, I have really started to use all my abilities with cooldowns and make the most of them. Instead of saving them for 'that super hard mob' or 'PVP encounter', use them as much as you can! I strongly advise this, as I have noticed a significant increase in my kill rate/speed. Not to mention being a great enjoyment aspect, seeing how high you can crit/kill etc.

Oooo Rainbow Trinket!
As you can see, my plan to head straight to Winterspring took a detour. A very worthwhile detour at that! Got myself the explore/quest achievement for Felwood in the process and a very unusual (above) trinket. This has left me on the verge of the level 56, and set and ready for Winterspring!

I would now like to take a moment to wish everyone, a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all luck in 2011 and hope everyone hits their goals! Also, make sure to continue following along on my blog here, I have so much in store!

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Thanks for reading!

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Good Luck in the New Year from your friendly wolf, FEIGNHEART!


  1. Hi again Jamin :)
    Can I ask what level Feignheart is now? Am looking forward to getting the Bloodthirsty(Pet talent) on Thriftee's bear, as he is very unhappy at the moment, and have long been curious what level he will be before he finds the secret of happiness. :)

    Another great post! Sounds like Felwood is a lot more interesting a zone than it used to be :)

  2. Well..

    In the timeframe of the journal he is Level 55/56. However, to keep content spread out I have put a delay on posted content one after another. So that means he has actually progressed further in real-time and is now Level 64.

    Also, to answer your question, the pet talent becomes available at level 30. Though I didn't pick it until quite a higher level. It really is worth it XD


  3. wow nice capture on the firewerks!


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