Thursday, 9 December 2010

Night/Day 3 of Cataclysm!

Now before we begin, a brief moment with these images...

Volcano in Ashenvale
High view from a tower in Ashenvale
Yes, maybe not interesting to everyone's taste, but I find the re-vamped and new shattered environments (Cataclysm effect in the left image of the volcano) have some really spectacular sights. Which gives my new hunter skill 'Eagle Eye' some use. This allows me to target any spot within a large range and hold a point of view their, like a 3d telescope? So this allows room for some great screenshot opportunities, especially being able to target area's currently out of my reach. Though I'm sure I may find more practical uses for the ability soon enough.

Alliance base being attacked at Maeastra's Post
Anyway, onto something which has really caught my attention in new content. From the start of Level 1, having the Forsaken attacking Gilneas for example, their has been a lot of focus around the old Alliance vs Horde. Though now I have moved into Ashenvale, I have really seen this thrown into full effect. You first get a glimpse of a proper, even though small scale,  faction battle between the two near the entrance to Ashenvale from Darkshore, at 'Maestra's Post'. At which you acquire some quests to aid the defense from the horde attack etc, which are all very nice. You are then eventually lead onto Astrannar, another, though slightly larger, alliance post within the zone. And again you are under constant attack from the horde which lead you along another set of quests, one of which I have to mention makes you feel like a fireman, or more appropriately fireworgen? See what I did their. And being able to take control of a Elven 'glaive thrower'!

So I really feel that taking the game back to it's original roots with some good old faction wars, which I thought was slowly phased out in the previous expansions, is a really good move by Blizzard. Especially now I have gained my first Honorable Kill! Yes, I know, I know, Wish you were me huh? But yea, created a stare off for a while between myself and a Orc Warrior, which lead me to showing him who not to mess with.

Moving swiftly on. Blackfathom Deeps. My first dungeon I have come across in my travels so far...
Taking down one of the bosses in BFD
Well after taking on some quests leading me their, I decided it was time to try out the new/improved (To me anyway) Dungeon Finder feature. Let me take a moment to say how great this tool is! So seamless and simple to use. Literally within seconds I had selected what dungeon I wanted to que for and what role I wanted to play as (Obviously DPS), alongside a option whether or not you would consider leading the group, which I of course selected. So soon enough I was notified that a group had been created and was ready to go, so along I went. You want to know something REALLY cool about this feature? It's actually cross-server! Now is that great or what? At first I thought.. Wait a minute, what about all the problems involving loot etc? Well that's of course been covered with the ability to trade, even soul bound items, with anyone in the dungeon with you for a period of 2 hours. So far so good. Now to start clearing, just after I picked up a couple more quests at the beginning of the dungeon..

Cool looking statue from the Dungeon
Actually.. Instead of going through the entire dungeon with everyone, which I'm sure would bore you to death, I'll just put down the main points that I encountered. First off, the world map, I noticed, now features the dungeons (I know they had them for larger raids) and all their levels/rooms, which is such a great aid! As I used to always get lost in these winding dungeons ending up being killed by packs of mobs. Also, having the chance to take on tougher mobs, allowed me to experiment with my attack rotation, which I eventually sussed to give me a nice damage output. And I must also remember to make sure I feed my pet! This is because, for those who don't already know, your pets have a happiness guage, which decreases over time, causing a drop in damage %. However you can simply keep your pet 'fighting happy?' by feeding him/her with their food diet. Sadly, when we had defeated the finall boss, the group left and I was left with a one or two quests items/mobs to kill and gather. So what did I do? I thought I'd try my hand at soloing them! I tell you now, my and me pet make a great team! My pet just acts as a tank, taking all the damage while even dealing a significant amount too, allowing me full out DPS on the target. Which, considering they were elite mobs, allowed me to complete my quests and gain the BFD achievement, landing me with a few nice blue gear items to equip my character with.

Now drawing to a close to my post, a few quick updates. Gained some nice new hunter skills, including my first 'trap' ability (Immolation Trap), multi-shot and a new aspect, allowing me to run faster.

Also to add, I am now back at work, so may not be able to post every night like I have been. Which may be a plus for you guys, as it means you have more time to soak in each one and gives me more time to play and gather idea's for the next one! So my leveling journey will now be labeled something along the lines of 'Journal Entry 4' etc.

Level 27 now. Keep posted!

Thanks for reading!

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Mucles yea?


  1. Another cool post Jamin. That info regarding the hunter skill 'Eagle Eye' sounds really useful for someone like me who enjoys making WoW video's. Something for me to bear in mind in the future. :D

  2. Yes, I thought you may have found that of interest!

    Especially that it has an unlimited range :)


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