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Night/Day 2 of Cataclysm!




Yes that's right, hit level 20! Acquiring the ability to switch between my human form and Worgen, 'cursed', form. Also.. Running Wild? 60% speed increase? Yes please! This ability which puts you onto all fours acts exactly like any other ground mount, i.e can't be cast in combat etc. I also gained the 'Apprentice Riding Skill' with this, though I'm not sure yet whether we actually have mounts, or if this is just to go along with the new ability.

Darkshore, do the twist!

So while leveling and passing 10, I decided to choose the 'Beast Mastery' talent tree. I just feel like having more focus around my pet is how I'd like to play. Who wants a mad, crazed, tormented, (and loved of course)... Dog, not to mention grumpy looking, on their tail? Slight possibility of lack of post/mail men about. To add, level 20 also unlocks the pet talent tree, which adds even more customization options to the class!

Dead Worgen :(
Well now I have spent some time playing a hunter, a little update on how I'm getting on with them. Still really enjoying the fast pace of them, flying from mob to mob, sending my pet in to the next one while I finish off my current one. Though it is slowing down now that mob levels are increasing, which brings me to my point about the skill 'Steady Shot'. Thought I'd never start using this, as I have had it since a very early level. The mechanic of this skill works alongside the new focus 'resource' of sort. Every time you cast/shoot it (takes 1.5 seconds for me to fire it) you gain back a chunk of focus. So previously I would down the mob in a few hits, and regain any lost focus by the next mob, so never had much need for it, seeing as 'Arcane Shot' and 'Kill Command' which are instants, do a lot more damage. So now mob level is increasing and are becoming tougher, it's slowly coming into play, which is nice.

To add, the rate at which you gain new abilities, always giving you something new to experiment with is very nice. Though, at least for a hunter, I am already finding my skills piling up. Scatter shot, Serpent Sting and Disengage being a few to the list.So putting a little time in finding some key bindings has been needed, and I can see it being a big part of my leveling experience, not to mention once I get into the higher levels at this rate. But I wouldn't put this as a negative, it's great, really opens up the game play with different options and ways to take down an enemy!

One of the 'phasing' stages in the quest line for defeating the old
god, Saggoth.
Right, my last few points in this post. Quests. Still interesting and keeping my attention? OH YES! Slightly linear at first, but not a problem. Alongside the phasing technique that i mentioned in my previous post, the experience is just getting better and better. Your really getting the explore the entire zone and see some amazing sites which have even been destroyed/recreated/created or just updated, alongside seeing the reactions/consequences of your actions! Which got me the 'Expore Darkshore' Achievement, go me! Just by doing the quests, which flow from one to another seamlessly. Last note about how much better the quest lines generally are in the lower levels. I remember before when the most epic task you would be held responsible for, would be killing a few boars and delivering some Kings Christmas cards. But not now! NoNoNo! Your thrown right into it. Getting to carry out Malfurion Stormrage's requests and seeing characters like Lady Sylvanas and Azshara (who are very very important characters in the WoW lore for those who aren't into it). You really feel like your getting right into the story.

That's it for now, just finised up Darkshore getting the achievement 'Darkshore Quests', next... Ashenvale!

Keep posted
, a lot more in store and to come!

Thanks for reading!

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