Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Night/Day 1 of Cataclysm!

Finally drawn myself away from the game! Mainly because I am seriously hungry, which gives me time for an update while it is cooking..

Yes, that is him! My new creation! Welcome Feignheart to the World.. of Warcraft (Original I know?). So, I decided to create a Worgen Hunter, name seemed cool and rather fitting too.

Before I do go on, I will limit myself at certain points, so as to not create any spoilers for those who still want something to look forward to (Because I know I don't like them). So don't worry :)

To begin with, I think the best place to begin, after the stunning cinematic intro, is the starting area. First impressions is very ery, lower class human era. Also, the voices are very separable from the humans. More like a 'cockney' or slang version of what were used to, which I feel really sets the scene. Alongside a number of more cut scenes during the very expansive and long starting zone (always managing to keep your interest mind you), with quests continuing to remain individual/new (Battle of Gilneas! for one), the development of phasing technology is amazing! If you don't know what phasing is, it's where the same environment has multiple states. As in the specific zone/area changes as you progress through the game and quests. The continuation of this technique really really makes you feel the effect of your actions, which is such an improvement!

Top Hat - Jeckyl and Hyde Anyone?
Now, a quick mention on what I have gathered so far by playing the hunter class. I have very limited previous experience with hunters, but I have to say, so far it's been great. With the new mechanics and system upheaval, it seems fast paced to say the least! Not to mention the fact that you start with a pet! For the Worgen race anyway, not sure about the others. 

Second of all, the Worgen racials. The main ones being, the short speed increase called darkflight, which is very helpful though mainly used for a little boost while getting around at the moment. And then their is of course the 1% crit increase and shadow/nature damage resistance which is nice. Ah and the skinning speed/skill benefit, which lead me to take up skinning/leatherworking.

Last of all, the features which have been introduced since I last played and with the release of Cataclysm. First of all Real ID. This is just brilliant. I know it's been in the game a while, but what a great idea! Then theirs the new quest/map interface and guidance systems which make questing a lot less stressful and more enjoyable allowing you to take more of the game in and enjoy what it has to offer. And no longer the need for specific addons etc. I'm sure their are a number more than I have to find, but so far so good!

Lovers Reunite.. Again
Only negative so far, was a small blip with the downloading which caused a slight bit of confusion and lag/cpu spikes when I first started playing. But nothing which didn't go soon enough! So no complaints, which is just dwindled out by the amazing gameplay.

So, that's it for my first gameplay post. Now for dinner, which is now probably cold.. So until next time! (Tomorrow more than likely)

Thanks for reading!

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(P.S. Alongside the pictures I have uploaded to the blog post like some of you have requested, I have put more in an album which should be displayed in a slideshow on thr right > So check those out)

(P.P.S. I have also been keeping a solid eye out and searching around for any content, I.E Video's and pictures, relating to the Cataclysm London Launch which I shall compile and post up for you all to gase at)


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  1. You should really enjoy playing Worgen. I had a go with one on the beta and they were fun, although I have to say that I enjoyed Goblin more (even though all my other chars are alliance).

    Hunters are a really fun class to play especially now you get a starter pet.


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