Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cataclysm: London Launch!

One word.. Surreal.

So.. Just got back from London (Leicester Square) , after rushing to ASDA to buy a new mouse, where I attended the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launch! Have the game currently installing, which gives me time to get down to my second post.

After waiting in the cold for a good 3 hours or so, and luckily being very near the front of the cue, excluding some hardcore 'campers', which I'll get on to soon, we finally got to go inside GAME and the nightclub 'Sounds' where the Launch was hosted. So when we do get right in, we enter a small room, where only those and us at the very front were able to fit in, while the rest sadly had to wait outside in the ques. Though what a unusual experience it was! The whole environment was re-designed for the night of cataclysm, with smoke, lights, sound effects, the lot! There was also a higher balcony where all the reporters and important people were, with constant flashing of camera's etc. And yes, their was a whole load of camera's about! And among those 'Important People' was GhostCrawler (One of Blizzards lead game designers, also responsible for the 'nerfs' in the game) and another guy, of which I just cannot recall. Not to mention the short bald guy from the GADGET SHOW! Who lead a presentation for everyone, and interviewed the Blizzard guys, all while the countdown Launch clock was ticking in the background.

Now, a word of advice! Never get in the way of a gamer, especially a WoW gamer, waiting for his expansion pack! As my friend and I noticed when somebody cut the ques! Oh the RAGE! Fair enough though, seeing as some people had literally waited for days for this! That brings me to my point about 'Hard Core Campers'.. Those at the very very front of the que, had waited since 8PM the night before! Dedication or what? Now it all paid of, when they were the first to receive their purchase of the collectors edition of the game, and were gifted on stage with a heavy selection of expensive looking items by the Gadget Show host! Well done lads :)

After purchasing our copies of the game, we were asked if we would like to get it signed, though after looking at the new que and knowing we had to catch the last train, not to mention wanting to get back and play the game, we humbly said 'no thanks', maybe next time!

All in all, I really didn't know what to expect tonight, seeing as I have never attended anything like this before. But I honestly found it all very exciting to say the least. I know many people say' It's just a game', but anything that your passionate about is something you shouldn't be ashamed of! I could go on and on about the night, but I feel I have covered the main points to keep it short and sweet, as I of course want to get on the game myself, which is now installed! Though I have no problem in answering any question that anyone may have!

I hope everyone enjoys the game once they get it!

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(P.S. I was meaning to get some photos and videos of the night, but to be honest it was all such a rush I really didn't get a chance. Though I am sure that their will be a fair amount for me to fork out on the web, so I'll post any of the good ones up on here for you guys to see!)


  1. Sounds like it was an interesting night, but shame you didn't have the time to get your box signed. Was there anyone in costume? I thought I read somewhere that they were holding a WoW costume competition.

  2. Yea, their were a few, but not many to be honest!

    Their was a female goblin + female dranei + worgen + some other randoms :)

    I didn't want to miss the train home haha XD


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