Thursday, 30 December 2010

Cataclysm Journal 9!

Decision Time! Booty Bay (Sratranglethorn Vale) or Un-Goro Crater...

So with quests heading off to both zones I decided. As you can see above, Un'Goro Crater it was! Mainly because the name seemed appealing to me, and I hadn't been to the zone in my previous experiences.

Anyway, first impressions were just a the name states. A crater. You literally find yourself, upon entering the zone, venturing down and down until you reach ground level, which is full of life compared to previous area of Tanaris. The idea I get from this zone, is Jurassic Park. It really is a prehistoric rain forest, especially with the wandering elite dinosaurs looking for their next meal (As shown in the screenshots above)! The nature of this zone, with all it's cover of hanging trees, blocked me from getting a wide screenshot of the zone. So that just gives everyone somewhere to explore, if they haven't already!

With this zone, I also noticed a sheer amount of items to gather. Which you eventually find can be handed in, to gain stat increases etc while in the area. This is also a point I have noticed with many of the zones. Though most have always had unique features to aid you while in the respective areas, I never paid much attention to them. Even if you are not into spending time gathering things unnecessarily, the advantages you gain can really make a difference. From XP increases, to stat increases, to speed increases for example. To add, most of bonuses you gain while questing anyway. So no need to go too far out of your way when leveling!

More Titan Influence In the Crater

Half way through the zone, I realised that I was in dire need of visiting the Hunter Trainer! Here are some of the skills I picked up:
  • Mail Specialization - Increases Agility by 5% when wearing ONLY mail armour. (Which I see as a neat way of making sure we stick to hunter orientated gear)
  • Track Giants
  • Ice Trap - When triggered, lies down a nice AoE slowing affect for a period of time. (Great when paired with explosive trap!
  • Trap Launcher - As the name says, this really cool ability allows you to launch one trap anywhere within a certain range. (The possibilities are endless)
After my short training interval, I went back to finishing off the Crater. Like usual, being awarded with the Explore/Quest achievements associated with the zone while also hitting level 52. However, after finishing all the quests I had available to me. I didn't seem to have any more to take on, leading me on to another zone. Their was only an ineligible quest, due to me being below the required level, which was displayed as a grey exclamation mark (rather than normal yellow). So after a little pause to gather my thoughts, I had an idea. Why not get the last 2 bars of my level through a battleground. As I remembered they now give you XP!

Eye of the Storm
So, into the Eye of the Storm I went! To note, I entered this battleground using the 'Random Battleground' feature which is new to me. This also allowed me to gain more honor, just because I entered using this method, while allowing me to queue from wherever I was in the world (Brilliant). So no complaints their! This was my first proper battleground since started out, and oh was it fun! Got to admit, hectic at times to say the least. Especially with the class imbalances due to different levels/progression etc. Though this only added to the fun! Things seemed like a DPS race at times, with no resilience to protect you. While battling it out, I managed to gain the achievements; 'Take a Chill Pill',  'The Grim Reaper' and '100 Honorable Kills'!  In the end WE WON!

Now hitting 53 from recieveing an EXTRAORDINARY amount of XP from the battle, which also has no effect on rested XP either, I went back to the ineledgible quest. Only to find out, it was still greyed out! So back to the thinking hat. This brought me to recalling a Hero's board in Darnassus, which gave quests leading to zones at your level.

But until next time in the adventures on Feighheart...

Oh and one last point! The votes are in! If you hadn't noticed, at the bottom of this blog, I have held a small poll. The question was, 'What class will you be rolling in cataclysm?' The results are in, and here are the results:

  1. Paladin (With 3)
  2. Warrior tied with Mage (With 2)
  3. Every other class having 1 vote!
So thats that. Now time to post my next question! So make sure to check the poll out (Which is located at the bottom of this page) and place your votes!

Thanks for reading!

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(P.S. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a great New Year!)

My first Battleground


  1. Lol Battlegrounds :) I remember the first one I ever went in - hadn't a clue what I was doing and was so scared lol. Now I'm not scared, but I still don't really know what I'm doing - and I usually die a lot! Doesn't matter what character I'm on I suck at pvp :)I love reading your blog Jamin - evokes a lot of memories, and I like seeing how your leveling is coming on and reading about the zones you pass through.

    No worries about you not watching my video's or even reading some of my blog posts - no point spoiling it for yourself - just promise me you'll catch up once you've tasted all the zones for yourself - lol - Only joking! Am in a nice mood tonight - new years eve! Happy New Yr Jamin. You asked how it feels to be THE Explorer. Not quite sure what you mean by that as I have had 'The Explorer' title since last August. But yes - it feels good to have explored every zone in the game thanks (if thats what you mean't). Mt Hyjal was a real killer. Doesn't feel very nice when you get an idiot commenting on my own blog that I am a failure though. Some people! I suppose I aught to learn to develop a thicker skin, but I am from a generation and the kind of person that doesn't really understand trolling. This person will understand no doubt if they try to explore there on a low level character and wont be so quick to judge next time.

    Sry - I'm rambling Jamin! Hey - Have a good one! Spk Next Year :D

  2. Comment and a half!

    I will backtrack them once I have vistited the zones myself! XD

    Yea, negativity is just what one uses to make their jelousy or problems seem acceptable. Don't let others get in the way of your goals, or bring you down to their level!

    Thanks for the feedback, I really apretiate it!




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