Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cataclysm Journal 7!

So, like a tidal wave of changes here. Literally! Thousand Needles...


As you can see, their has been a complete overhaul of this zone. Pretty much 95% of the zone, which was a barren wasteland, is now completely flooded, with the ruins of what once was held at the bottom. Only the tops of the towering 'needles' show above the surface of the water. Now lets see what's in store for us with these changes..

The new Goblin & Gnome Barge!
After a rather peaceful flight through the zone, which gives you time to acknowledge the ongoing effects of the cataclysm, you are landed right in the action. A battle is being fought between the Night Elves and the Tauren, which you of course play your part in. Though surprisingly enough, you are not required to assist for very long until you are sent to set off on yet another relaxing ride, this time by boat. This time you arrive at something, which I felt was quite epic, which has really stood out in my travel so far. The main town/settlement for your quests etc, is afloat upon the water! The new Goblin and Gnome Barge which is situated above, now underwater ruins off, the old speedway. This new settlement seemed like a secret little getaway for the Gnomes and Goblins with some rather random images and scenes, which is only emphasised when you receive a quest to start a bar fight by smashing a bottle over a goblin's head. Here are some images I collected:

Bar Fight!

Cocktail Anyone?
Then after checking out this new spot, and completing the quests that were on board, I was starting to wonder. What else could you possible do here? Then at that point you receive a quest which gives you scuba gear! This allows you to breath underwater and also increases your swim speed. So a few underwater quests, something different. Though what really topped it all, was the gift of your very own boat! Yes that's right, you are cruising in STYLE! Not only that, but it allows you to get around a lot faster, as opposed to swimming around the zone. Anyway, I did end up taking on a number of quests, which are scattered around the zone, mostly above water though. To mention, what caught my attention was the subject of 'oil' in a small quest chain, which shows. Even in the World of Warcraft, the valuable resource is a cause of war and corruption!

Party Boat!?
Moving on. What I also noticed, was how the tooltips have improved. They now contain just a tick more information (mainly aimed at newer players), that I find a great. Allowing new and more experienced players to understand their skills and realise their many uses. Even if I won't get around to getting anything useful from them, it's nice to know theirs more information available in game to other players.

So now I find that I am running around a lot more, and having quite some distances to travel at times, so that's where I placed my acquired talent points. I put them to use in a passive skill which increases my mounted speed, every little helps! Though I instantly noticed the slight increase! Talking about speed, and seeing that I spend quite some time reading through the quests, I have started skimming them. If I am honest, the quests text is great! Don't get me wrong. But it does become rather predictable at times, which is now why I skim read them while on the move to the quest location, to get the main point to why I am doing what I am and how it relates to the story. This small change has actually increased my leveling to a more comfortable speed again, and is actually more enjoyable. However when I do see the story getting really involved, I do again slow it down a notch to read and take it all in.

Now, I can add the Thousand Needles to the completed list. Got the explore and quest achievement. While also getting myself into some world PVP and gaining the 'Know The Enemy' achievement along the way!

Level 45. Off the Tanaris!

Thanks for reading!

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(P.S. Haven't been posting so much lately due to real life commitments. But I have a backlog of content/notes ready and waiting to write/post up. So keep posted and expect a lot more in store on its way!)

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  1. I love what I saw of the new Thousand Needles when I was 'Surveying the Damage' on Döra and can't wait to actually quest there on my other chars. Looks a lot of fun. Blizz turned a really boring zone into something very interesting. Gz on your achievements. Another interesting post.

  2. Yea, it just feel so original!

    Thanks :)



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