Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cataclysm Journal 6!

Drum roll...

Self explanatory. This is the pain I have had to endure on my server when logging in at certain times, reaching well over 1000 sometimes. Though not to focus on the negative, just means I can flick through some blogs and do something constructive in the meantime!

This also gave me time to work on my Cataclysm: London Launch Page! Which is now up for everyone to see like I promised. As I explained it would be, is a compilation of all the relevant content that I found on the web relating to the night. Go check it out, and see what you think!

Moving swiftly onwards, and back to Feighnheart's adventures! 

So the last time we left off I had finished off the Southern Barrens and was heading into Dustwallow Marsh.
Golblin Town of Mudsprocket!
At first everything seemed as I remembered, until I come across a new settlement! A new goblin town has been created, which is the first I have been to so far. Their wasn't much that caught my attention in this zone, apart from one quest I was given. The quest.. To KILL THE FISH! This quest chain ended with you having to rally some troops in Theramore docks and use a small tactic to defeat an elite and very big tidal monster (I'll include a screenshot next). Maybe not the best quest ever, however something different.

Who ordered Sushi?
Then it was that time again, to visit the Trainer. This time picking up some interesting additions. First of all I obtained a new trap, Explosive Trap. Which as the name states, sets of an AOE (Area of Effect) explosion and then damage over time in that area. So another handy skill when taking on packs of mobs. I also picked up the ability to Duel Wield and wear Mail! Then it came to my new spell Scare Beast, which on use causes the target to run in fear for a set time (Only works on beasts of course!). Last but not least.. Journeyman Riding! Yes, Running Wild now allows me to move at 100% speed! This is a huge benefit when travelling around the map!

Upon finishing the zone, one quest gave me the opportunity to take a portal to Stormwind and back! I was shocked! The changes, renovations and simple improvements that have been brought upon from cataclysm really shine here, DRAMATICALLY, not to mention updated graphics. I will just let the following pictures proceed;

The new Stormwind Keep!

Remember the Park?

From the Rooftops

The Mage Quarter

For more images check my album here > Screenshot Album!

Last point. Auction House! If none of you use this, especially when levelling. Get using it! If you come across any kind of recipes, Blue items, profession materials, or just a stack of white items you are unsure about, look them up on the AH and get them out their! Seriously, it's just money wasted when you would usually vendor them! Just by selling a 'Savory Deviate Delight' recipe that I picked up while questing, I got myself a nice 250g! Alongside a number of other random items etc. So everyone who doesn't already, the AH is their for a reason, use it!

Feignheart leaving you now, at Level 41, and ready to head into Thousand Needles..

Thanks for reading!

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(P.S. Don't forget to check out my new Cataclysm London Launch Page!)

Walking on Water?


  1. Yeah Stormwind is really cool now. Lovely screenies :) I got a question - do you have to train the ability to wear mail? Given my Thriftee challenge I was hoping this wasn't the case - lol.

  2. Thanks XD

    I'm afraid you do :(. Leather FTW!



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