Monday, 13 December 2010

Cataclysm Journal 5!

And the journey continues! Onto the Southern Barrens...

Devastating effects of the cataclysm in the Southern Barrens zone

So upon entering the Southern Barrens from Stonetalon Mountains, after completing some pre-quests at the border, you are soon lead to a really 'sightlful' quest for  the zone. The quest involves taking a flight in one of the Gnomish helicopters around pretty much the whole zone. Alongside some really attractive images (which are all on display in my photo album), it really gives you an opportunity to take on board the sheer scale of the cataclysm and its effects. Here are some more images which I feel say a thousand words to what has changed in the what was 'barren' wasteland,

Horde vs Alliance across the 'Battellescar'
A strange overhaul of growth within a section of the zone

Well, I think it's time to send some attention to my actually character, and more specifically, the hunter class itself and some of the abilities I have gained thus far. First of all, the tracking abilities. These unique skills allow the player to track mobs/players on the minimap via a set number of filters. For example, 'Track Humanoids' will allow all present humanoids to be displayed on the minimap. So far I have gained the following tracking abilities:
  • Track Humanoids (Also useful for tracking enemy players)
  • Track Beasts
  • Track Hidden (Especially useful against stealth classes)
  • Track Elemental (Can see this being very useful in the current expansion)
  • Track Demons
Although the new quest interface does give a lot of aid in finding particular mobs and quest NPC's, it still has it's uses, especially in world PVP scenarios.

The focus fire alert!
Next, is my new trap! 'Freezing Trap' to be precise. The effect is rather obvious in the name, but specifically allows you to freeze an enemy in a block of ice for up to one minute, so long as no damage is sent out to them! This is especially good when taking multiple mobs, alongside scatter shot and concussion shot which really give you a ton of utilities and options when taking on difficult scenarios. Oh and on the subject of taking multiple mobs, of course multi-shot comes into the equation! This skill really starts to shine when you fire at a group of mobs, see the numbers fly! Oh the feeling! Getting slightly up to your knees? Then Feign Death is your holy grail. Use this to instantly play dead, and trick your enemies into ignoring you and going back onto your pet (If you have it summoned of course). Want to really hammer out the damage? Look no further than my new talent skill in the Beast Mastery tree. Focus Fire. This ability becomes most effective when your pet has been in combat for some time, and you will know this when the above display appears on your game screen. Your speed, cast and focus are all increased/reduced, to give you that edge in combat!

Last but not least is my new finishing (Hopefully it does finish, which it usually does) shot! Kill shot. This skill allows you to fire a very powerful shot after your enemy drops below a specific low health point, meaning night night to your victim!

Another point I may add, which I can't believe I missed so far while leveling! Is that weapon skill leveling has been removed! This is actually great! Really means that you have a much wider option when considering you weapons. So it doesn't matter whether I receive a gun/bow/crossbow/dagger/staff! Just pewpew with my new awesomeness! Excitement displayed.

Razorfen Kraul Boss
Now, for my second dungeon. Razorfen Kraul! If I could sum up my experience for this one, it would be.. Short and Sweet. I must say that despite it being quite shorter and simpler (as in very linear) compared to the previous Blackfathom Deeps dungeon, it was actually great. Lots of action, right to the bosses, and no waiting around! Didn't acquire any loot as I can recall, but that's not what I am their for. To add, the larger health on the bosses gave me a good chance to keep experimenting with my attack rotation alongside a great opportunity to play around with my new CC (crowd control) abilities when encountering larger groups of mobs! All in all, great fun! (This was also made a lot more pleasurable playing alongside a friendly party!)

So.. Now with my Razorfen Kraul and the Southern Barrens Quest achievement, time for me to again move on.. To Dustwallow Marsh!

Thanks for reading!

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(P.S. Like I promised, I have gathered as much content as possible to put up a page for the Cataclysm London Launch Night, which I will be up within the next day or two!)

Sleepwalking Orc?


  1. Another great post Jamin. What level are you now? You seem to be leveling quite fast :).

    Another point which is really great with Cataclysm is that existing abilities scale with character level (no more Rank 1, Rank 2 spells etc.).

    Very useful for my new character Thriftee and his challenge. Without this change I doubt very much if his challenge would be possible, as he would have been stuck with only rank 1. At least the two abilities Thriftee has are scaling with his and bear's level. :)

    Keep it up! Sounds like you're enjoying yourself. :D

  2. I'm actually 42 right now, however about 33 at the time of putting the post together. As I'll explain in my next post, to keep the blog spread out evenly their a little behind what my actuall character is.

    Yes, you know I completely forgot about that, some features I just don't realize have happened! But it is very nice!

    I sure am XD


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