Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cataclysm Journal 4!

The battle continues..

Horde attacking Alliance

.. Not the most dramatic image to display the 'bloodthirsty' attacks made by the horde, I know. Though if I am honest, I get so enticed when playing now, that I just forget to printscreen some good shots. So at the end of this post I'll try to do some making up for it!

Anyway, the main point of my opening is to put across the big emphasis on the constantly growing war between the two opposing Alliance and Horde factions. Like I have mentioned in earlier posts, the story focuses a lot more now on the conflicts between the factions, and for me a lot of my quests are based upon it, at my current level of 32. If I am honest from what I have gathered so far, the Horde are so intent on a destructive path, for reasons I am still unaware of, that they have even begun attacking their own. I'm not sure what has sprung this sudden clash, although I haven't played in some time, so the story is really sucking me right in! It just feels great to be revisiting old feuds and seeing new ones created in the process. No more 'Alliance join with the Horde to fight a bigger cause' and all conflicts put aside!

Another wonder which is still floating around at the moment in my mind, is that maybe this is all to cover up (while leveling) some really devastating chains of events which are, and have already begun, to spring up...

A hint of one of the many fun quests now added to the game

So alongside from seeing a spam-ful of local defense alerts to show the horde attacking alliance bases, bringing on a few small pvp scenarios, leveling just keeps getting better and better! In my last post I was working my way to completing Ashenvale. Although I recieved a quest taking me onto Stonetalon Mountains. Seeing as I had done quite a bit within the current zone, and the next quest within it was green, I decided to move on. This was a rather weird feeling, which I will explain further later. Though for now I will just tell you a feature which was really 're-freshing' to the game/leveling. The convenience to have 'mobile quest completion/attaining' as I call it. This isn't for every quest, but a good chunk of my recent ones within the Stonetalon zone allowed me to use this. Basically you had a means of communication with the quest giver, i.e.A Gnomish radio device in  this case, which as you can guess, allowed me to speak with the quest givers and complete/take on quests while on the go. So a very new medium to the game, which I found really cool!

Yet another fantastic quest
Now I come to my point about taking my own path in the game (in the previous paragraph, where I mentioned feeling uneasy about moving to a new zone earlier than usual). When I would normally level, I would stick to one zone at a time until it is fully completed. Which in today's terms means gaining to [insert zone here] quest achievement. This meant even if all the quests were green, and I had yellows leading to other zones, I would stick in that area. I would even complete a few grays, if i was close to the end of a zone. This probably sounds very weird to some. And you ask yourself, why? Well the truth is, I don't like to feel as though I am missing out! I really enjoy following the story and keeping it 'in order' and gathering all the information I can, and seeing everything before moving on.

Wouldn't you like to control it...
Though this does place a burden on me in a way, for a few reasons I can now see. One main reason, it hurdles leveling speed. Not that I am one to rush through content! Oh no. Although it does allow the game to become a bit un-challenging, mainly when facing lower level quests which can also make the experience become a bit stale when sticking to an area for such a long time. Another point is that it doesn't leave as much to look forward to another time. So I really gave this all some thought. What is the main point of this game? The whole reason behind my whole blog at that matter! To create your own path and your own journey! That's what blizzard intentions are in most cases!

 So with much thought, I have decided that in my scenario, to just let it be. That means just going wherever the game takes me! The story will all pan out in it's own way. My own way! Unless I had the mind of a massive achievement whore to complete all the achievements in every zone (Which i really don't), let the game take you! If it was all linear and straight forward, I really doubt it would be so successful, of which many game designers have failed with! Another point, is that it leaves alternative routes for other characters you are leveling to keep the experience fresh and gives you things to come back to even when you hit the level cap. This all just proves how much content their really is now!

So with my little scenario covered (which you may find a 'rant'), I did eventually come to a conclusion with myself! Now faced with choices to; finish Ashenvale? Continue with Stonetalon Mountains? Move onto Southern Barrens or even Stranglethorn Vale? I'm going to choose my path, which I feel destines me for.. The Barrens (Southern)!

Thanks for reading!

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(P.S. Just got the 250 quest achievement go me!)

Oh and like I said, to make up for the poor intro picture, here are some more extracts from my Leveling Album!

Their were 2 in the bed and the little one said..
Worgen in disguise!
Poor guy
Hasta La Vista Baby!


  1. That's what I love about this game - so many ways to 'make your own path'! Nice post - great screenies!

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  3. Sorry it was so hard to find my contact info. I sent you an email...hopefully you got it.


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