Friday, 15 July 2011

Cataclysm Journal 27 - Into the Fire and Beyond!

Flame-grilled Killin'...

Seems we have once again been drawn back to the board. Taking notice of yet another announcement, aimed at all the brave adventurers of Azeroth. Surprisingly enough to Feignheart, myself, and our trusty companion, it came from our new allies of whom we'd teamed with previously in the defence of the world tree, back in Mount Hyjal. Upon taking a closer look at the Heroes Call, standing sternly in the Stormwind Trade District, we took on our quest - [Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion]. So getting together our gear (while placing SugarDaddy, our pet, in his porta-kennel) we set forth on our next adventure. Onwards!

The meeting beneath the ever-winding roots of Nordrassil
Arriving in Mount Hyjal, we headed for briefing. However, along the way, we became sidetracked. This being - [The Call of the World Shaman]. Making our way down into the twisting entanglements of Nordrassil, we responded rather instinctively to the plee. Bear in mind, this 'plee', happened to be from Thrall, Warchief of the Horde! So on-guard we went. Upon reaching our destination, greeted with real voices, we are thrown right into a cinematic (which is always a good start). Though to save spoilers, it was very curious to say the least. In a way that left many questions begging to be answered... and a missing Warchief. This means that, without him, the healing of Azeroth cannot be undertaken, which was our reason for being called upon. Of course this meant we were now responsible for finding him, or anything of him we possibly could.

The anger of the Warchief is unleashed
Across the elemental planes we go. From air to water, earth, wind and fire, we courageously battled. In search of anything we can find. Each different stage included some interesting mechanics to keep a good flow. Eventually, we did manage to save the almighty Shaman. Returning in all his glory, and more, while presenting us with a most formidable gift - [Mantle of Doubt]. (More Epics!). Another treat, unexpectedly, was becoming exalted with The Earthen Ring, which I am sure will prove to be rather beneficial to us in the future. Such a brilliant side-storyline, as such, with absolutely fantastic voice acting throughout! Which I must add is a massive step forward for the game, top quality.

 Breaking through the portal
Now, back on track. To the briefing! Though, as we landed on our target, we were sent off almost instantly, without hesitation, to aid an attack on enemy forces to break through a portal and head into the lands of fire. Unfortunately, due to circumstances which we were unprepared for, this assault failed. It seems Ragnoros had acquired some new forces which managed to push us back putting a, temporary, halt with our invasion into the heart of his domain. We were en-tasked with a mission to gather reinforcements for another attack. Soon enough, it became apparent that we were now ready to move forward and on with our invasion. Through the gates of hell, and into.. The Firelands!

Like a suspended rock filled with all the worlds hate and fury contained in a volcanic state

With raging elementals, monstrosities of stone and a selection of fiery creatures coming at us left, right and center. We had emerged straight into the fight. Especially with the added factor that we were now unable to fly! Something to do with the extreme climate.

Upon knocking back the incoming attacks and getting a footing, we took our time to sniff around and investigate. The new zone wasn't as we had expected. In terms of structure and questing that is. Rather than quest chains leading you from location to location across the zone, we were presented with a entirely different concept. We describe it as as a progressive zone, for obvious reasons, to be explained. Firstly, the difference is that we are now following the invasion in 'real-time'. It's up to us to push the story forward. Acting as a daily quest-hub, the zone advancement is controlled by us aiding the war effort against Ragnoros. To begin we are tasked with helping to build up a base, in the form of an eventually growing split of the world tree. From then on we are left to complete quests in turn for [Marks of the World Tree]. These allow us, upon accumulation, to gather reinforcements and advance the battle and zone as a whole. What is also a big change? Rather than server performance, this is all based solely on Feignheart and myself. With our favourite game mechanic, phasing, this all becomes possible.

Taking the fight to Ragnoros on the front lines. The adventure thrives on...

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- Jamin

My little pony?!


  1. Nice take on entering Firelands. :)

  2. @Kyzen

    Thanks :)

    Still taking on board the zone and managing time to get to grips with the new content. More to come!

    - Jamin

  3. Oh that was really interesting Jamin as I hadn't a clue about the Firelands (other than it's now in the game :) I have been contemplating taking Thriftee on this adventure, but this time with his newly acquired (slow) ground mount, freedom to repair and take in game flights. But also seeing if he can still manage without any other training than that. Although when I can afford it I will probably train flying mount too :) You have definitely whetted my appetite.

  4. @Dora

    You haven't been either? I thought I was the only once who hadn't been yet. But saying that, which I mentioned, which makes it no problem, is this - It's based on solo progression! So no matter how far everyone else has ventured into the zone, it's solely on you rather than a server. So no rush XD

    Good to hear Thriftee is finally splashing the cash! Mind you, it feels good right.

    It's nice to be a daily place also. You get it in bite size chunks!

    - Jamin

  5. Very nice write up for the Firelands intro. I know it's already too late, but an entire write-up on the Thrall quest line might make for a heroic tale for Feignheart to recount. Nice job!

  6. @Stubborn


    Hmm.. I shall get looking into that. So keep and eye out at the very least ;)

    - Jamin


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