Monday, 31 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 15!

 It's been a while...

Feignheart at present

I'm sorry to keep you all waiting in the next chapter of the Adventures of Feignheart! During his travels to Area 52, The Netherstorm. There seemed to be a chain of 'mystifying' events when he took a shortcut from Hellfire Peninsula directly to the zone. He seems to have discovered an uncharted area named The Twisted Nether! Apart from distinct objects in the distance, all that could be said of the area was; a sea of time and space.. Anyway, parts of his trip through the nether remain quite faint. Although that should be enough to explain his absence as of late.

The Netherstorm
Upon arrival of the new zone, I got an instant image of the battleground 'Eye of the Storm'. Which I had visited a while back. With the purple colour scheme and magical storm settings, all contributing factors to the atmosphere. Alongside these features, and after a little exploration with some quests, I get the imagery that the area is a huge piece of unstable 'waiting to explode' land. Especially with the goblins treating it as a test ground to build their new rocket and the blood elves drawing all the energy from out of the very ground! Torn apart by abuse, power and greed.

The.. Eco-Drome?
After receiving a beam of light being rained down on me when walking through the entrance to AREA 52, a small goblin town in the zone, I took up a number of quests. Some to deem quite interesting. Especially a rather tricky one to kill a guy called 'Dr Boom'. Also I later on found myself escorting the ghost of a cow through a town of angered Mage spirits? Pretty mind blowing I know. Eventually I made my way into the Tempest Keep, firstly the Botanica. Though where I tend to focus more on making sure I perform my best for the group, I do not really take down many notes or grab many screenshots of the instances. Mainly because of the pace! Though I shall begin working on more content revolving around my experiences in them. Maybe some videos..

While adventuring through the zone, I was sent to assist some NPC's in a place called an 'Eco-Drome'. Which on the outside appears to look like a mage version of a greenhouse. Shrouded in a magical barrier, separating itself from the environment, this is what you are presented with once inside:

The lush and booming life from within the Eco-Drome
Now. A few struggles which have faced myself and Feignheart lately have been mainly around taking large amounts of mobs on at once, especially when they are grouped together very tightly leaving you with no choice. Also when you attract extra mobs while already engaged with a group. This has really pushed us to begin really utilizing our skills, mainly the crowd control and Kiting ones such as; Frost trap, Concussive shot and Intimidation (Beast Mastery Pet skill). Another note is how much Hunters Mark makes a huge difference. When I was unable to use this on certain mobs, due to being immune, I really started appreciating how important it is to make sure I always tag mobs with it! Along the way, here is what has been picked up helping to continue to expand our skills:
  • Beast Mastery (Talent) - This is the last available talent in the Beast Mastery tree. It allows you to tame Exotic pets, which I can't wait to try out soon! Also it gives you 4 more pet talent points to play around with. Very nice indeed.

Now for something I have thought would be of interest to some of you. Have you ever actually paid particular attention to the people, monsters and strange creatures that are falling to your blood-covered blade or spine-numbing spell? Well here are some shots of a few of those that I came across in my quest through the Netherstorm:

Ding! Level 70! My time has come. I have felt my pull. My calling. The Hero Board in Stormwind gives me my new Continent to travel to. It is time, to venture.. To NORTHREND!

Before I finish up. I would like to say a big Thank You to every one of my readers! 1000 visitors and counting! However without my very loyal followers and amazing support, I wouldn't have gotten this far already! Though. This is only the beginning..

Thanks for reading!

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I take you to 'The Barber Shop'!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 14!

Firstly a short trip back to Stormwind...

The new face of Stormwind
Before I take Feighnheart into the forests of Terrokar, it looks about time to take a quick step out and visit Stormwind to do some well needed 'Chores'. Firstly I was in serious need of visiting the Action House, as my bags were full to the brim of items ready and waiting to sell. Secondly I wanted to make a trip to the bank to store some of my possessions. This includes interesting trinkets, souvenir's, and in general anything I have taken a particular liking to. The reason I like to keep certain items is because it gives me items to go along with my memories. In a way I develop some sentimental value around such memorabilia, whether or not their 'useful'. Anyway, back to it...

After my travels through the Zangarmarsh, my next destination was Terrokar Forrest! So after a few quests easing me into the zone, I was soon enough lead to the central city of Outland. The city of.. Shattarath! Upon entering the once bussling and ever crowded city, I really get the feeling of 'what once was'. The following images should speak for themselves, hopefully capturing the sheer beauty, mystery and spirituality of it all:

Looking in on the city

A'dal in the center
The Aldor Section

The Scryers Section
So. After handing in my quest in the city, I was directed to the center to speak with somebody of great importance. I spoke with the mystical being of A'dal. Apparently the leader of some kind of spiritual race (As pictured above) which saved the city, alongside it's godlike warriors. Anyway. I was sent on a quest, or rather a tour. This tour lead by an elemental minion, lead me all around the city including a very interesting story along the way, including descriptions of each area within the walls and pieces of history related to them. Got me rather hooked in to be honest. Then I was introduced to the rivalry of the mighty Aldor and the cunning Scryers, of which you are given the decision to choose a faction to side with. With some thought, and surprisingly enough to even me. I chose the Scryers! I felt that Feignheart had that darker side to him..

A quick note about Shattrath City. Their appears to be no Auction House here. However. I did some research on the Internet and found that Blizzard are planning to implement one. So that should really come in handy when it is introduced!

Lots of Quests!
Back to it. Questing in Terrokar Forest has been interesting. Adding in the sheer amount of them!
This lead to me spending a lot of time within the zone. Although, that is in no way a negative! It really gave me all the more chance to get involved with the area's history and lore. Things that, in the particular area, I would like to look deeper into. For example, the mysterious 'Bird People'. These strange and eccentric creatures which look like Dwarfs, covered in feathers, followed by a rather unusual limp and not to mention living in a matrix of tree houses, actually seem to have a lot of story surrounding them. Not so much in terms of the main-plot, but interesting enough in itself.

The Bone Wastes
Seeing as I have spent some time in the area, I think I'll add just a few more points about it. To begin the zone is actually split into two halves. One which displays the lush forests, which surround the city. While the other half is a dead land called 'The Bone Wastes'. This half includes a massive circular ruin which includes a set of Dungeons including Sethekk Halls, of which I had a run through. Which was extremely enjoyable, considering I gained a blue item called 'Terroks Quill'!

This time round, Feignheart only gained one new ability. This was Snake Trap. Which as the name states, releases a number of deadly snakes on any foe who sets foot on the trap. A plus is that it is also a 'Nature' trap, so can be combined with Explosive trap! Very nice.

Terrokar.. On the Edge!

Now. Feignheart has 'His Mind On Money' (Achievement). A 'Battered Steam Tonk Controller'. A new companion called Miniwing. He has become friends with the Sha'tar and the Lower city, leading him on his way to completing all the quests to get the 'Terror of Terrokar!' achievement. Currently at the growing level of 67, he is now ready to venture forward into the reaches of.. AREA 52 - Netherstorm!

Lastly. One an announcement I would like to make, which is in two parts. Firstly I urge everybody interested in; FanFiction; Death Knights, General WoW Talk and much more to visit 'The Dark Order'! This is a fresh new blog/site by Arphalas which is rapidly growing and expanding every day. Secondly. To launch his new site, he is holding a competition! One that I will be participating in. The competition involves writing your own FanFiction. An area I am really exited about moving into, alongside my normal Journals. I shall be putting up my entry at the competition closing date, so watch out! Now if you are interested in his blog OR the competition head over there now:

Thanks for reading!

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Just some of the conversation during a rather random quest!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 13!

Who pulled the plug?

Mushroom Land Of Zangarmarsh

So now Feignheart is taking his steps in the land of Zangarmarsh. The zone is like a dreamy bog. Yes those two descriptions do work together in this scenario. After reading through a few of the quests, I had already gotten a feel to the area's theme. Think of it as a conservation area. The druids of the Cenarion Expedition are trying to look into problems within the wildlife and go to extensive measures to protect it. However you are in a struggle with the Naga who seem to have other plans.

From above the Reservoir..
I was lead to find out why, the naga, have been stealing water? Pretty strange I think. This eventually leads you to Coilfang Reservoir. Now to get their however, that's the cool part. You find yourself having to dive into a lake and take a underwater swim to get into the cave. This is the location of the two dungeons; The Underbog and The Slave Pens. Hold your breath!

So I did of course take the time to head into these two instances, with the quests I had gathered. This is where I had a taste of the real hunter AoE potential! Seriously. Bestial Wrath + Explosive Trap + Multi Shot = Lots of big numbers which make me happy! Then. Think your about to over-aggro? Feign Death! Which gives you the opportunity to get right back to taking down the mobs. The fun of learning!

The Dive Beneath!
Also, while battling my way through the instances, I noticed the power of a Paladin! (Pun not intended). Our healer disconnected, so we were left with the DPS (Including myself), and a tank which happened to be a Paladin. So while waiting for a new healer, we decided to see what we could do. So what did we decide? The paladin went on to heal AND tank! It was just amazing. I did as much as I could to help, with my pet tanking what it could and trying to control loose adds. In the end we cleared the whole instance without a full healer, but the challenge proved to be so fun, including a chance to practice using my other abilities (Crowd Control ones). As well as grabbing myself a cool new Crossbow!

After some great dungeon runs, I leveled up and decided to hit the trainer. This time acquiring Aspect of The Wild, which gives you a Nature Resistance buff. Which I'm sure will come in handy sooner or later. While on my journey, I was nearly tempted to tame a new pet. Because after seeing another hunter taking a massive group of mobs, with what seemed to be a tanking pet, I was shocked! However, I have to say. I am attached to my good old dog. Been with me since day one!

The Last Boss of the Underbog
So I didn't get to complete this zone, as I was really interested in following the story into Terrokar Forest. As well as having access to a main city, which could prove useful! Though I really have enjoyed my experience here! The side-stories which are present in each of the zones I am leveling through are so emersive in themselves, but at the same time really click with the main story. You also receive some nice buffs such as 'Blessing of War' from the Ancient Cenarion trees which roam the area.

At the level 65 and Honored with the Cenarion Expedition, Feignheart is ready to head off once again. This time into the forests of Terrokar...

Before I go, I would like to tell you that I am not alone! By that I mean, what I have been doing. It seems that another group of adventurers have also taken the chance to start a-fresh in the new expansion. They are, The Overlores! This is a Twisted Nether Production Podcast. They, a group of 5, have started new Worgen Characters and talk us through what they experience. A little of the lore alongside it as well! I really recommend everyone head over their and check it out!

Until next time...

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 12!

And through to the other side...

From the other side!
So after re-watching the Burning Crusade cinematic, because it obviously seemed fitting to set the pace, I did eventually step through the Dark Portal! As soon as I passed through the space-like barrier and into Outland, I was instantly hit with a few thoughts/feelings. First off, there is the huge difference between the Outland portal compared to the Azeroth one. Not only in sheer size, but the whole glamour of it all. Then after a few minutes in the area, and on my flight path to Honor Hold, I was really taken. Taken by a whole new atmosphere! The music, the scenery and a complete change of theme really gave me a complete feeling of adventure and conquest! Away from the Cataclysm, but not away from devastation!

Flying away from the portal and on my way to Honor Hold, in Hellfire Peninsula the first Outland area, I really took the time to gaze around and let this new world sink in. Here is a good screenshot that I find really captures the feeling:

Hellfire Peninsula
Now onto the questing. First of all you are introduced to the stories of Ouland and the Hellfire Orcs as well as the Burning Legion. Then unlike back in Azeroth, you find you are allying with the Horde once again! You also get to fly on some pretty cool 'bombing' missions which, alongside lots of big numbers, kept questing just as fun. Although you are 'assisting' the Horde, their is still the PVP concept which is enhanced by the three capture the flag objectives in the area. Of which sure did bring on some good world PVP moments to be remembered!

Do not get in the path of THE FEL REAVER!
So some rather enjoyable quests in this area, including a rather spooky exorcism, and rather camp dwarf quest giver named Gunny who kept calling me 'sweetie' or 'darlin' alongside some other pretty strange names. In terms of the items I had gained. I noticed the greens were far more powerful than any of the blues I had recently acquired in Azeroth, which was to be expected. Along the way I managed to get a comical/novelty gear piece called 'drinking hat' which on equip/use makes your vision blurred and your movement strange. I think this is called, intoxication (Drunk..).

What I have noticed to add. Is the change in quest layout/design in Outland. Other than spending considerably longer in zones than previously, the quests now seem a lot less linear. They are still very fluid in the way they lead from one another, but their are a far more to do at once when compared to the recreated Azeroth. However I actually find this gives a slight change in gameplay pace and really immerses you in a different set of side story lines.

Time for a quick trainer update for the one they call Feighnheart:
  • Aspect of the pack - The same as 'Aspect of the Cheetah' excect it affects all party member within range! Which sure comes in handy when running around in dungeons.
  • The Beast Within - Actually this one is a talent that deserves a mention! When you activate the 'Beastial Wrath' pet skill, it allows YOU to also take on an enraged state! A number of advantages with this skill, mainly the reduced focus cost on skills!
Now. A big moment for Feighnheart and myself upon hitting 60. All that gold saved up for a good reason..

YES! Worgens can fly!

Thats right! We have taken to the sky! I made no time waste in heading straight to the flying trainer and picking up my flying skill alongside my rather mystical flying mount! So seeing as I also needed to visit the AH I thought I'd take time out to portal back to Stormwind and fly around their (Seeing as I also picked up Azeroth Flying). Oh my! It was just so amazing to finally be able to FLY IN AZEROTH. It felt so Surreal! However I don't need to go on, I think you guys get the picture.

The stairs within the Furnace!
Anyway. To finish of the zone I took myself into 'Hellfire Ramparts' and 'The Blood Furnace', which were extremely fun to say the least! Gained the Honored status with 'Honor Hold' which in turn rewarded me with a PVP trinket! So that should come in handy at some point.

Now level  63, and time to venture (With my new transport) onwards into the land of Zangarmarsh...!

So until next time on Feignheart's Adventures...

Also I would like to make a brief, but rather big announcement. I would like to tell you all that I have been invited to write for a new WoW-Based site called 'Time Wasted Tuesday'. I gladly accepted this offer! But I would like to confirm that this blog will still be just as, if not even more, active! So DO NOT think I am abandoning you guys! However, do feel free to follow along with mine and some other very creative authors on the site which can be found here > Time Wasted Tuesday

Thanks for reading!

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Dog From Men In Black?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 11!

So on to Winterspring...

The Goblin Town of Everlook

However, I didn't spend as much time in this zone as anticipated. I managed to complete the starting quests in the zone, being lead as far as Everlook (Screenshot Above). Though the little time I did spend here was quite amusing. Being able to gather snowballs from the floor in piles called 'holiday snow' and acquiring items which allow you to gain interesting buffs, such as size increases, called 'JuJu Magic' proved to keep it worthwhile. Although my time here was short lived when I hit level 57 and had a quest headed for Blasted lands, and in turn.. Outland!

Blasted Lands
To head to the Blasted Lands, I knew I had to start off from Stormwind. So on the boat I hopped from Rut'theran Village. After arriving at the Harbor I began planning my route to the zone, until I had a spark of wisdom! To my surprise, I was correct! Their was a portal from in the Mage District Tower, which lead me all the way to Blasted Lands! Now was that a nice treat or what? Saved myself a chunk of time.

 New Worgen Area of Surwich

Now, this zone is basically a wasteland. Apart from two features which set it apart. First of all their is the new Worgen area, which is a revamped Tainted Scar. Let me take a moment to say how much I do enjoy the theme of the Worgen towns and areas. I know I said this in my first journal when in the starting area, however it just gives of such a cool atmosphere whenever your in one. Anyway, I caught up with a friend for this zone and we stuck together for some time completing and handing in quests. Though this had no negative affects on my XP income at all! With that, I actually received huge amounts of XP here. To add, leveling with a friend is so fun! It really speeds up questing and it's really interesting to work together as a team! So I highly recommend pairing up or grouping up with some friends whenever you get a chance!

Then it came to the point where, I had completed all the available quests as well as gaining the Explore/Quest achievement. It was time to head to the.. Dark Portal!

The Dark Portal!

Your made to complete a few pre-quests around the portal before you gain the quest sending you to pass through, and into Outlands. During this time, I gained the achievement 'Duelicious', which I got after winning my first duel against a mage at the same level! Nothing major, but enough for me. I also started to wonder. How has the cataclysm affected Outlands?

I am ready. Level 59. Left with one quest. Time to pass through the portal, and into.. OUTLANDS!

So until next time in the adventures of Feignheart...

Before you all head off. I would like to introduce, for those who haven't already seen, you to a very interesting blog called Postcards From Azeroth! This blog, written by Rioriel, is a collection of amazing screenshots from our favourite game. Each of which have been edited just slightly with a quote to each one that gives every one a sense of feeling/emotion. I find his daily update of images really facinating and think that anyone who enjoys reading my blog will surely enjoy taking a look!

So check it out > Rioriel's - Postcards From Azeroth

Thanks for reading!

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ZzzzZzzz - Resting for the journey ahead!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cataclysm Journal 10!

All the way up to 10 already! What a way to head into the New Year!

New Years Celebrations!
Anyway, more on that at the end of this post.

So we left off previously to go and visit the 'Hero Board' in Darnassus (as that was the closest city for me) to grab a quest, as I seemed to have run out. After a very relaxing gryphon taxi ride from Tanaris to Darnassus, I arrive and head for this board. Like expected it did indeed have a quest for my current level. This one sending me to Winterspring! Now even though only a minor change, I find this new feature great for new and old players, including me, who aren't sure where to head next for questing and/or enjoy a streamlined leveling experience.

Corrupted forests of Felwood
Off to Winterspring I go! This was a journey in itself which had me flying to Ashenvale and then walking (Or running so to speak) north into Felwood. However. On entering the Felwood zone I came across a small encampment with numerous green quests. Taking a moments thought. I wondered whether I should carry on going, with Winterspring just on the other side of Felwood, OR, despite the fact the quests were slightly lower in level, take the time to enjoy another zone in my journey. Well of course, being me, I choose the second option.

Illidan Vs The Lich King!
This zone started off with some pretty basic quests, but not for long. Soon enough I  was caught along in a rather interesting quest chain. I was comfortably questing away until I received a task sending me to kill a so called 'traitor'. However you end up aiding him! You get to participate in, and see, some epic battles between the Burning Crusade villain Illidan Stormrage, of whom you fight alongside in flashbacks, until the final battle against... The Lich King! I must say, this really made my decision to quest here even more worth the while! Not to be overlooked! Oh, and that does include the new Worgen area in the zone, where you are in conflict with the goblins who are located nearby.

Now for a quick update on how the hunter, Feighnheart, himself is doing! Making sure I take him to visit the hunter trainer more frequently. So here is what I picked up:
  • Distracting Shot - An ability to Taunt a mob to attack you for a short period of time
  • Track Dragons
  • Rapid Fire - This really handy skill (with a longer cooldown) allows you to increase your ranged attack speed by 40%! Great when paired with Bestial Wrath and Focus Fire.
  • Bloodthirsty (Pet Talent) -  A really conveniant passive ability which allows your pets attacks to have a chance to restore it's health and happiness. (Did I mention conveniant!)
While leveling, I have really started to use all my abilities with cooldowns and make the most of them. Instead of saving them for 'that super hard mob' or 'PVP encounter', use them as much as you can! I strongly advise this, as I have noticed a significant increase in my kill rate/speed. Not to mention being a great enjoyment aspect, seeing how high you can crit/kill etc.

Oooo Rainbow Trinket!
As you can see, my plan to head straight to Winterspring took a detour. A very worthwhile detour at that! Got myself the explore/quest achievement for Felwood in the process and a very unusual (above) trinket. This has left me on the verge of the level 56, and set and ready for Winterspring!

I would now like to take a moment to wish everyone, a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all luck in 2011 and hope everyone hits their goals! Also, make sure to continue following along on my blog here, I have so much in store!

Too add you can now follow me on TWITTER! My twitter feed is called - JaminWarcraft - Make sure to keep up!

Thanks for reading!

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Good Luck in the New Year from your friendly wolf, FEIGNHEART!